Marantz 2216

The Marantz 2216 was one of Marantz’s lowest powered units at 16 watts per channel. It’s sometimes referred to as a “baby” Marantz. It was produced from 1977 until about 1980 and retailed for roughly $240. It has the classic Marantz silver face styling and the centered Balance control slider.

Features of the Marantz 2216 include:

  • Two tape in/outputs
  • Phono input
  • Aux input
  • FM muting
  • High filter on/off
  • Loudness on/off
  • Input selector
  • Separate bass and treble controls
  • Tuning meter

The build quality of the 2216 is excellent. The tuner section boasts a Phase Locked Loop FM Stereo Demodulator, ceramic filters in the IF amplifier section, a three gang tuning capacitor and FET RF amplifiers. The 2216 also has the gyro touch tuning wheel that Marantz is famous for.

There is also a 2216B unit which is different in appearance with a Balance control knob instead of a slider and Speaker selector buttons instead of a knob.

Of course all Marantz receivers are popular these days and even the lower end models like the 2216 are no exception. For those wanting an introduction to two channel analog audio the 2216 is a great choice. It will also pair up nicely with most vintage speakers such as the KLH 17 or AR 2ax speakers. A nice Marantz 2216 can be found for around $250 to $300.

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5 thoughts on “Marantz 2216

  1. Funny that you mentioned the AR 2ax. I have these speakers paired with a another baby Marantz- the 1515. There isn’t enough power to get very loud, but man do they sound great together!

  2. I had one of these I bought new in ’69 or so. But since they were made 1977-80, mine must look just like these. Anyway getting another one. Just under $200. It needs lights, etc. Any advice on what the etc might be?

  3. Bought my 2216 in 1978 for $225 on sale. That is about $950 in today’s dollars. Just listened to Dark Side of the Moon tonight. Still sounds great!

  4. I would like to upgrade my Marantz. I have problems with my right side speaker. It keeps going in and out. I would like to upgrade my capacitors. Plus, I would like to add a wi-fi connection. All things considered, I would mainly like to increase the power output with modern parts. If you have any ideas or tips please give them to me.

    (sorry, for any grammar issues)

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