Kenwood KR-9400

The Kenwood Kr-9400 is one of Kenwood’s iconic receivers from the mid 1970’s and was their top of the line receiver at the time. At 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms it was an early predecessor of the later monster receivers. It debuted around 1976 and retailed for about $750.00.

The KR-9400 features the classic Kenwood styling from the 1970’s. Blue, green and red lighting on the dial and meters makes for a colorful display. The volume and tone functions have detent controls. Kenwood uses a triple function meter for Signal Strength, Multipath, and Deviation depending upon which button is depressed. It also features triple tone controls and a Dolby FM switch (requires a Dolby adapter).

The build quality of the KR-9400 is exceptional. The pre-amp utilizes low-noise, metal encapsulated transistors to give it a high signal to noise ratio. The FM decoder has phase lock loop IC circuits which allow for extremely high FM stereo separation. It also has a large power transformer and huge heat sinks.

There is no coupling capacitor between the output and speakers so total harmonic distortion is very low at 0.02%. The KR-9400 is easy to work and is laid out very nicely. It also has real transistors as opposed to the hard to find power packs the KR-9600 has.

When Pioneer came out with the SX-1010 at 100 watts per channel, Kenwood responded with the KR-9400 at 120wpc. Marantz then released the 2325 at 125 wpc. The watt wars then began in earnest through the late 70’s and into the early 1980’s.

The Kenwood KR-9400 didn’t sell as well as the Pioneer, Marantz, or Sansui top of the line receivers though. Maybe that’s why they are harder to find these days. The KR-9400 performs well though, is exceptionally built and is reasonably priced relative to it’s competitors of the time. The KR-9400 sells for about $400 to $600 depending upon condition.

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14 thoughts on “Kenwood KR-9400

  1. I am a proud owner of a fully functional Kenwood KR-9400 receiver. Picked it up from an estate auction in Honolulu HI in 1993 along with 2 excellent quality Kenwood speakers for $60! This receiver is Awesome, weighing about 45 pounds. The sound level goes from 1-10 – 2 on the dial is loud enough for me.

  2. I bought one at a Pawn Shop in Tampa, FL, in 2017 for $100 ! I had to refinish the wood ends but she’s a beauty!

  3. I recently bought one for around $600 in excellent condition. I’m very impressed with this receiver and I’m looking forward getting my Infinity rs3a back in action to hear it at near full power

  4. I just bought one from a local guy that needs work for $250. The audio tech in my local town doesn’t seem to have any experience with vintage receivers. From what I’m understanding, The Kenwood KR9400 is well built and easy to get parts for yes? If so, I’m willing to ship this to a good tech if that sort of thing is done. Can you recommend one?

    Thank you.

    1. Parts will run 150-175$ For full rebuild. Yes this can be done. It has an excellent FM tuner. Lots of reserve power. Gobs of sources to play your favorite music. Kenwoods are like that crazy Uncle that is fun to party with but hate to admit you’re related to him.

  5. Hello, My name is Petra and i`m german living in Sweden.
    I totally forgot that I have this receiver in my storage since I moved!
    I just have a old stereo : record player :Technics 1210 MK 2, receiver I use Pioneer SX 702 RDS and a CD Deck : Pioneer PD S505
    now I start little go into music again ( record collector : CD a little )
    should I switch again to my Kenwood KR-9400 ?

    1. I would. It would be interesting to compare the two receivers – one old, one newer. I think the KR-9400 will perform well but it doesn’t have a remote so that’s a slight inconvenience.

  6. I bought my KR9400 new in 1976 and the only repair was the power switch about 35 years ago. Still performs flawlessly with my Speaker Lab Super 7 speakers.

  7. Very Underrated and Powerful Receiver. Mine was a Goodwill find back in 2000 for 24.99! Have used it since and it works perfectly! I prefer it to my Pioneer SX-1080!! With a pair of JBL L100’s it sounds great at just Volume 2!!

  8. Well it sounds like I may have to check out the Retrodigs noint. I have a 9400 in my basement but it only lights up when you power it up. Only sound is static coming from the speakers. She’s a heavy son of a bitch though.

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