Kenwood KR-5150

Kenwood KR-5150

Ok, the Kenwood KR-5150 has some strange styling.  Black, white, orange and green. Almost a Halloween look and those white buttons really stand out like tusks.  This Kenwood classic came out around 1971 and lasted until around 1975 and featured 50 watts per channel. This one has the optional wood case which you don’t actually see too often with this receiver. It retailed for around $320.00-$350.00.

Kenwood KR-5150 Faceplate

The Kenwood KR-5150 featured:

  • Tape in/output
  • Two aux inputs
  • Two phono inputs
  • FM Muting
  • Loudness
  • Separate bass and treble controls
  • Balance slider
  • Right and left mic inputs
  • Headphone output
  • Mode and selector knobs
  • Tuning meter
  • Signal meter
Kenwood KR-5150 Case

The styling definitely the design transition from the late 60’s in to the mid 70’s.  Later Kenwood models had a more appealing design.

Kenwood KR-5150 Ad

This particular Kenwood model isn’t all that popular with collectors and they can be found for under $150. A 5150 with a wood case will bring a bit more.  One in good condition with a wood case recently sold for $159.00 plus $100 shipping (April – 2020.

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13 thoughts on “Kenwood KR-5150


  2. Jus picked one up w/wood case for $60…
    WHAT A STEAL!! 50W..Can run 3 sets of speakers…. 2 mics…. an such a warm sound!!! 70’s KR is so sweet

  3. A friend of mine had a KR 5150 and a set of Sansui 5500 speakers. All mint, weirdly untouched. Gave them to me. Absolutely powerful combo. Loud.

  4. Just picked up a KR 5150 at “Value Village”. The front and trim nearly mint. Two very small dents on case. Some bulbs bad. $4.99.

  5. Have my father’s that he bought new with pioneer turntable and sansui speakers. Everything is untouched. Am/fm doesn’t work anymore but everything else does and shakes the whole house and sounds great. Amazes me that it’s almost 50 years old and has taken a beating all that time and still rocks.

  6. Any one who berates this 5160 is trying to get it for a song… don’t fall for the beratings of this amp. I had one 40 years ago…it was stolen . Best dam stereo amp I have had in my life. Altec 872 bs with it . all gone because I trusted a life long friend with it.

    1. I was screwed by a life long friend as well .. realize it’s not a comment for the 5150 but does speak volumes about life long friends and the unknown deviate behavior that lays just under the surface. I also had a life long go wrong .. regarding the 5150 I completely agree

  7. Picked one up at a local auction complete with Sansui speakers. This is an amazing unit with great warm sound and one of the best tuners I have ever had! It has a retro, almost 60’s, look that I really like! Just need to replace a few bulbs but other than that – no issues at all!

  8. I have a 5150, bought in Jan. 1971, in Okinawa, on my way home. Loved it, still have it. couple lights out and one set of speaker outputs does not work. Wood case. I will give to anyone willing to come get it. Hope my wife has not thrown out. I used it for over 40 years and I think I blew the 7021 ?? transistors when I was hooking it up for the 5th relocation.

  9. Just picked one up and want to replace all of the bulbs with LEDs. How many total bulbs are in this receiver? A few people are selling them online but all are showing different amounts as their “full set”.

  10. I have two of these. One has a metal case the other wood. They are very versatile. Not mentioned in the “featured list” is the fact that the receiver has a mono output and preamp/power amplifier jacks with a separate/normal switch. I used this receiver at one time with an electronic crossover to bi-amp and it was incredible!

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