Kenwood KR-2090

Kenwood KR-2090

BOTL, or bottom of the line, receiver sounds a bit harsh for this little Kenwood KR-2090. While it only produces 16 watts per channel it’s not a bad performer. Introduced in 1978 it was an affordable option for budget conscious stereo buyers.

Kenwood KR-2090 Meter

It has the classic Kenwood styling of the late 1970’s with silver face plate, large knobs and large, dark gray dial face.

Kenwood KR-2090 Knobs

The Kenwood KR-2090 featured:

  • Tape in/out
  • Phono input
  • Aux input
  • Loudness on/off
  • Selector switch for AM – FM auto muting, FM mono, phono, aux
  • Separate bass and treble and balance controls
  • Tuning meter
Kenwood KR-2090 Lamps

It’s a Kenwood so of course its tuner is far above average. Kenwood’s engineers incorporated a 3 gang tuner with a FET front end for high FM sensitivity.

At the time of production the KR-2090 had the lowest distortion of any receiver in its class and the quietest phono section as well.

Buyer’s could also pay a little extra for the optional CB-11K walnut veneer cabinet, B-11 walnut veneer side panels, or D-5 carrying handles.

Kenwood KR-2090 Inputs

The KR-2090 isn’t flawless. It does have a known problem with the power switch which many of that Kenwood line have (KR-2090, 3090, 4070, 5030, and 6030). However, it is fixable so isn’t fatal if yours quits on you. Some cleaning and wiper replacement usually remedies the problem.

Kenwood KR-2090 Parts

The smaller receivers aren’t nearly as popular as the larger more powerful receivers but they still have their place in the vintage audio realm. Many favor the smaller Kenwood stereos such as the KR-2090 because of their tuning prowess. You certainly can’t beat the price. For about $100 or so you can get a really nice and fully functional KR-2090. That makes it a very attractive option for those new into the vintage audio scene.

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3 thoughts on “Kenwood KR-2090

  1. Looking for the worth and/or value of a Kenwood audio-video receiver model VR-2090. It hasn’t been used for about 16 years, so wondering if it is worth anything or if should go to the Goodwill!!

      1. The KR2090 /3090 etc. didn’t have remotes ! … far too early (1978). I Have two of this series (2090 & 3090). Very well built piece of kit & highly reliable, more so than similar vintage Yamaha, Pioneer or Marantz receivers I have owned. Service manuals all available on line (free) & most components are easily available or substitutable. I have had one fault on the KR 3090 (now 43 years old) & it was easy to repair (a small V. regulator transistor failed open – replaced with a “generic” BC547 ). Performance is also v.good , despite the humble 18 /26w ch. (- I never need more power than these produce in reality). The tuners are excellent – Kenwood obviously knew about radio design

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