Kenwood KR-5600

Produced from 1976-1978 the Kenwood KR-5600 was one of Kenwood’s mid range receivers. Above it were the KR-6600 and the monster KR-9600. Below were the KR-4600, KR-3600 and entry level KR-2600. The KR-5600 retailed for around $250.00.

The KR-5600’s blue lamps and wood side panels make it a very nice looking receiver. It’s rated at 40 watts per channel at 8 Ohms. Kenwood had a history of making fine Ham radio equipment so the tuners in their mid to late 1970’s receivers are excellent.

The KR-5600 is built well. It has direct coupled amplifier stages and a fully complimentary power output stage. User controls include negative feedback Bass and Treble controls, Loudness control and High filter.

The faceplate is made of brushed aluminum and the large tuning knob is balanced. There are meters for signal strength and tuning.

There are two inputs for phono and tape as well as an Aux input. There are outputs for two sets of speakers.

The KR-x600 receivers were Kenwood’s flagship line in the mid 1970s and the KR-5600 fit in at the upper mid range of that line. It’s a great receiver for those that don’t want to spend Marantz style money and yet get performance at a similar level especially if you’re looking for an exceptional tuning section. You can find a nice KR-5600 for around $200.

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