You might consider this JVC JR-S300 Mark II receiver ugly but it definitely has a distinct look.  Very industrial looking.  The slanted tuning dial and lack of knobs also give it a bit of a minimalist look.  The JR-S300 MK II puts out 55 watts per channel and incorporates 5 band JVC’s S.E.A equalizer system for precise and distortion free control over the audio output. It also features a Direct Coupled amplifier section. It was manufactured around 1976, weighs 23 pounds and measures 19.7 x 6.3 x 13.2 inches.


The unit also features:

  • Dual Analog Power Meters
  • Weighted Analog Flywheel Tuning
  • Signal Strength Meter
  • Tuning Precision Meter
  • PLL Stereo Signal Indicator Light
  • 4 Gang Tuning Section
  • FM Mute Switch
  • Loudness Switch
  • Inputs For Aux, Tape1, Tape2, and Phono
  • Pre In/Out Jacks
  • Built In AM Bar Antenna
  • 300 Ohm FM Antenna Terminals
  • Drives A, B, or A + B Speakers

While is built with quality components it is known to have some issues with wear to the lettering on the faceplate.  Collectors certainly don’t go crazy over these receivers as they leave a little to be desired in styling but they do have a following. If you want a retro modern look in your home the perhaps this is the receiver for you!

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12 thoughts on “JVC JR-S300 Mk II

  1. Just bought one of these @ the local flea-market for five dollars. It’s kind of dirty but seems to sound good enough. Mostly I wanted to know when it was built.

  2. I bought one of these new in 1976 and still have it. Been in storage for some time. I will be taking it out soon and seeing if it still works.

    1. Not a common occurrence, but your speaker reley may have gone bad. As I an not super familiar with with sets in s if Recievers, I cannot be sure. But when a unit like this produced sound, then a sudden lack if any output, look for the simplest.

  3. I bought a JR-S600 brand new in 1977, and the only thing to ever go wrong with it was the FM section needed to be aligned–in 1998! A friend and I had a small business in the early 80s where we ran sound for local parties, and I used the JVC as a roadie amp for all kinds of different bass speakers. It never once hiccuped or shut down–and it would pull so much power from any 120V circuit it was plugged into that any lights on the same circuit would dim with the beats of the music. That’s some current drive!

  4. I had a JRS 201 way back in the late 70’s,I always liked the styling,certainly different then the norm.
    I found a JRS301 last Dec works great 65w
    really pumps out the volume!

  5. I was happy to find a fully functional S-301 (tuning dial on bottom). It’s a big hefty receiver despite the plastic side panels. Visually the warm green facial illumination are easy on the eyes since the brightness level is ambient enough without lighting up the whole room unlike my Concept 6.5. Audibly the S-301 is surprisingly robust with detailed clarity and spatial dimensions. Yea, it’s got a unique look and challenging to esthetically match components, but I’m okay with that.
    I’m sad my matching 201 tape deck doesn’t function as well as it looks (seller said-“oh it works great”. He lied) and later come to find out parts are pretty much unobtainable.

    I love this website.

  6. Bought a JR-S300 Mark II used in 1982 and use it every day. Only problem is that both of the outside lights that illuminate the FM tuning and right power meter are burned out. I’m missing on the slider knobs and am keeping my eyes open for a tuner being sold for parts so I can replace it.

  7. First thing I bought graduating college in 1978. Still my favorite component. Runs my 2 rtr towers, has my 65″ tv connected, dvd with streaming audio, mico seiki turntable, and Sharp cassette deck.

  8. A radio station I worked at in the 80’s (I’m a broadcast engineer) used a JR-S400 as an off air monitor receiver. Good tuner section in these.

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