This is one receiver you’re not likely to see very often. It’s one of the early offerings from JVC the JVC JR-S600 Mk II. It was manufactured around 1977-1981 and featured 120 watts per channel and a five band sliding equalizer and retailed for $600.00. Volume was also controlled with sliders. It also had a Marantz style horizontal wheel tuning knob (thumbwheel) and a long line of 24 push buttons along the bottom of the unit. It was JVC’s top of the line receiver for that series.

The design is definitely different with a little bit of a McIntosh influence. The meter lights tend to overshadow the tuning dial. Still, it would look pretty cool in any vintage stereo set up.


The JVC JR-S600’s sell for around $300.00-$500.00 in good working condition.

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25 thoughts on “JVC JR-S600 MARK II

  1. My dad finally gave me his receiver and it needs to be cleaned up and gone through, still works but would like it to be back to almost brand new condition.. anybody around that still does this

  2. I bought one of these monsters brand new in 1977, and the only thing to EVER go wrong with it was the FM section needed to be aligned–in 1998! A friend and I had a small business in the early 80’s where we ran sound for local parties, and I used the S600 as a roadie amp for all kinds of different bass speakers. It never once hiccuped, blew up or shut down, and I shorted out the speaker leads more than once. When it was running at full output, it would pull so much power from any 120V circuit it was plugged into that any lights on the same circuit would dim with the beats of the music. That’s some current drive, probably thanks in part to the huge (and heavy) toroidal power transformer it has. I still have it and use it in my workshop; all I’ve done recently is replace the bulbs behind the meters, as the glass was getting dark with filament deposits after 39 years of service.

  3. I bought mine new for $499 out the door and still have it, and use it. Surprisingly durable and quality sound; just hard to keep speakers from blowing out ;)

  4. I still have mine in use in the living room. Bought with a tax refund in 1980 while in college for $199 when it was replaced by the new line of digital tuning receivers. I took it to several parties like Kevin above along with Jensen model 25 speakers. Once time a woofer failed under warranty. Yes it will dim the lights! It also made an old telephone on the wall ring if you played something that would resonate with the 25Hz ringing frequency. The only repairs have been replacing some dial and meter lights, cleaning the switch contacts and tuning cap.

  5. I bought one of these from the Navy Exchange in Rota Spain while on a Med cruise in 1977. I loved it but unfortunately it was stolen when my parents house was broken into. I bought one on EBay a few years back that I need to get a tuning knob mount for so I can get it working again.

  6. I have the same model. My sister’s kept blowing my speakers while I was away. I bought a set of Fisher studio speakers . They have circuit breakers. Just reset and go. No more problems.

  7. I have a jr301mk2 and it is mighty good sounding. I can just imagine the higher series models have brutal sonic strength, in a good way. I like JVC. Yea, I said it.

  8. I have the jr-s 300 mkii and it sounds better to me then my Akai aa 1175 that every one loves, I’m sold on the JVC’s of that series, i have had lot’s of Sansui’s, 7070’s, 6060’s, 770’s, 6’s, and a Sansui 7, and the jvc sounds better with more options.

  9. Wow I have wanted a s600 since I was 16 I am now 58 I bought one a few years back at there peak . I am guessing but it was something I always wanted. Was Rebuilt we paid $995 . I still dont regret Thanks

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