Kenwood KR-7050


Kenwood KR-7050


This is a Kenwood offering from 1979-1980. It's the Kenwood KR-7050 and supplies 80 watts per channel in to 8 ohms. It has a very good tuner and features Wide/Narrow IF selection and incorporates 5 ceramic filters. The styling is fairly typical of the late 70's but not quite as sharp or sleek as the Pioneer SX series of the same era. Still, it was built in Japan and is a very good quality receiver and the IF selection is something most Pioneer's did not have. It's a great feature to have when trying to tune in a weak station that is adjacent to a strong station.


Kenwood KR-7050 Inside


The Kenwood KR-7050 also featured:

  • two tape monitors
  • phono input
  • aux input
  • bass and treble turnover controls
  • separate mid control
  • DC Coupled
  • high filter
  • tone on/defeat
  • FM muting on/off
  • If Band narrow/wide
  • Font panel mic input
  • tuning and signal meters
  • right and left channel output power meters


Kenwood KR-7050 Back Panel


Kenwood KR-7050 Ad


The Kenwood KR-7050 was the little brother of the Kenwood KR-8050 at the time but is still a desirable receiver.  It will sell for a round $100.00 in decent working condition and up to $200.00 in excellent condition.


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2 thoughts on “Kenwood KR-7050

  1. I do have this one. I paid $90 recently. Its missing one button on the top left. It takes a few minutes for both channels to come on, but they eventually do. Hopefully just a cleaning will do it. The seller had it working well in hisghouse! Either way, it sounds fabulous. Lots of tone controlability! And yes, the tuner is very good, if you need that. It is a much better unit than my Kenwood Kr 6600 from my teens!

  2. I have it and I love it. The sound is very rich and warm: from bass till high freqs. With Sony APM690 speakers accoustic pressure in 30m2 room is truly impressive. Getting the KR7050 slimmed my pocket for 180Eur but, comparing the quality of parts, the design and fatty slew rate of 200v/ms made me very cheap purchase. I would recommend Kr7050 over Kenwood KA601 / KA701 amplifiers.

    Thanks for reading.


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