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Well, you don't see these too often.  This is the Kenwood KR-11000 GX. This is the European version of the Eleven GX and many times was purchased by military personnel overseas so it is difficult to find in the U.S.  Nonetheless, it is a beast.  One of the largest receivers I've seen.  There are a few different versions of it including the KR-11000G and the Model Eleven G. It is one gorgeous receiver with it's dark gray face and mix of blue, amber and red lights.




Definitely in the class of Monster Receivers it puts out 120 watts per channel. It features a five band EQ with both low and high filters as well. Each are controlled by slider knobs. It also has four analog meters including both left and right Power/ Line Level meters as well as Signal and Tuning meters. The meters glow a beautiful blue when lit.




It is one of the bigger receivers you'll find at 24 1/2” x 7 7/8” H x 18 1/4”. That's over two feet wide! It weighs in at over 45 pounds. You'll notice the M.A.C. switch next to the EQ which stands for Multiple Acoustic Compensator. Basically the switch just enables or disables the EQ and filters. If the EQ is set flat then the MAC switch will not have any effect. If the EQ is set to something other than flat then the MAC switch will toggle between that setting and flat or neutral. So, think of it as an EQ bypass switch.




The 11000GX was introduced in the late 70's and was the last of the 11 series from Kenwood. They certainly didn't hold back as this receiver has just about as meany features as they could practically fit into a box that size. These Kenwoods are also known for their built in timers. While a great feature at the time unfortunately many of them have failed over the years. Some choose to bypass them completely while others attempt to fix them. Usually it is a broken shaft inside the timer that is the culprit. If the timer does work you can set it to the Reset position and then the power on/off switch will work normally.


Kenwood-KR-11000 GX


These receivers are fast gaining popularity. While they may not be at the top of the list in terms of build quality they are certainly eye catching and good overall performers. Because of this prices have been on the rise. In fact, a KR-11000GX sold for over $850.00 recently (3-10-2014).


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7 thoughts on “Kenwood KR-11000 GX

  1. i have a broken kr 1100g monster owned over 25 yrs sad to see it in the basement pickin up dust, can u recommend a good trustworthy repair center, i’ve thought about it for years but just could’nt get myself to send it off never to be seen again or taken for a heafty price for repair its also easyer to purchase a used one

  2. Hi Eric,

    It depends on what part of the country you’re in. It would be expensive to ship it to and from the repair shop so a local fix up would be best. I would suggest going to and checking their forums. They have a section devoted to Kenwood and if you posted your question and location there I think they could help you find a reputable repair shop. I have an 11000GX and it is a beautiful receiver. Good luck!

  3. Have a mint overseas/military version of this, cleaned up the dust, pots and she’s pumping some serious tunes some 35 years later! Missing the original headphones that came with it… anyone know where I can find them? Looked like half a coconut (wood grain)

  4. Hi KD-5070,
    If your ever willing to part with your Kenwood KR-11000 GX PLEASE let me know. Just send photos and name your price. Thanks very much for your consideration!! Craig
    billiondollarbaby at

  5. Hello,
    I have a Kenwood KR-11000GX I wish to sell. Operable, clean and very, very presentable. Everything thing works, except for the Power Line Level gauges. They light up but do not move. I purchased the Unit a number of years ago with the intention to have the gauges repaired/replaced but just did not get around to it. I’m located in Ontario, Canada and due to it’s size would prefer a local sale.

  6. Hi Jules,
    I would be interested in buying the Kenwood KR-11000GX. Can you contact me at gemilov at hotmail dot com.

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