Yamaha CR-2040

Yamaha CR-2040

The most likely King of the Yamaha family is the CR-3020 but the Queen is probably the CR-2040.  You might get some arguments from owners of the CR-2020 but the Yamaha CR-2040 could probably be considered a “Monster” receiver given it’s size and power output. It 1979 it retailed for $859.00 which was a hefty sum of money back then.  Of course the CR-3020 was priced at $1500.00 so I guess it’s all relative. Probably underrated at 120 watts per channel, with less than 0.02% THD, this power hungry receiver can easily power most any set of speakers you can find. Many would say that the CR-2020 is a better looking receiver but that the CR-2040 has a better sound.

Yamaha CR-2040 Left

Of course this is one of Yamaha’s “Natural Sound” receivers and when one usually listens to one of these receivers for the first time it may sound as though it’s lacking a little in bass.  The reality most likely is that other receiver manufacturers “color” their circuitry to emphasize more bass so that’s what many listeners are used to hearing. The Yamaha circuitry does not do this so you are hearing the sound closer to how it is actually supposed to sound.

Yamaha CR-2040 Right

The CR-2040 has just about every feature and function you could want including:

  • Triple tone controls with variable contours for each
  • Variable loudness
  • Speakers Off,A,B,A+B
  • Aux/CD, Phono MM/MC, Tape1, Tape2, AM, FM
  • Pre out
  • Headphones out A,B (2 sets)
  • Meter: Level/Signal
  • Filters: High, Low
  • Muting – 20 dB
  • Rec out selector for all functions
  • Phono selector: MC/ MM/33/47/68/100 kOhms
  • Stereo/Mono
  • Adaptor On/Off
  • FM Auto/Local
  • FM Muting/OTS On/Off
  • 3 extra power outlets, switched/unswitched
Yamaha CR-2040 Back

You might notice in the pictures that one of the CR-2040’s has a “shroud” case where the wood case extends over the edge of the metal faceplate. The other CR-2040 has a case that is flush with the faceplate. The U.S. version is the shroud case while the flush cases were marketed in Europe.  Not sure why they made them different but I prefer the flush case. The CR-2040 weighs in at around 46 pounds and its dimensions are 23″ x 16″ x 6 1/2″ so it doesn’t fit in a lot of 20″ wide stereo cabinets.

Yamaha CR-2040 Manual

Since the Yamaha CR-2040 is essentially considered a monster receiver it gets a lot of attention when up for sale. Not as much as a Pioneer SX-1250 or Yamaha CR-3020 but it still can sell for a hefty price.

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29 thoughts on “Yamaha CR-2040

  1. I have owned one for many years and am looking to sell it now. It is mint. I am not a dealer, just an individual who appreciates the natural sound of this monster receiver.

    1. I have a Yamaha CR – 2040 series. If you are still interested in purchasing one. 8173820054. Please no calls after 11pm. Have a Blessed Day

      1. Hello,

        I see that this was posted in November of 2021. Do you stll have the unit? If so what is the condition?


        1. John Brabant – I am texting you as I am ready to sell my CR-2040 receiver that I have owned since it was new.

  2. Shortly after my post ^^^^ above i purchased the 2040 & i have been listening to it since. What a wonderful unit. A true keeper. If you have a chance to get one-dont walk RUN :) Still got my eyes out for a 3020

  3. I found mine at the city trash yard in the electronics heap. I hiccuped, and then grabbed it. As I write, it is powering a pr. of David Haffler’s Acoustat 2+2’s, which require immense wattages to hear them to advantage. Woody Herman never sounded better.

  4. I own a Yamaha CR-2040 and it is a fantastic receiver. However, I am considering selling it (not 100% sure though)along with many other vintage items in my overgrown audio collection. If interested, email me at jitalo at yahoo.com

  5. I have A Yamaha CR 2040 bought new in 1981. It has been an absolutely fantastic receiver, only a few niggles over the years, like dry joints and a couple of small lights dying. I have no intention of selling as it still gets used every day like it has for the past 35 years. They don’t make them like this anymore.

  6. We have a Yamaha CR 2040 for sale, but we are in South Africa, so probably not going to find the right buyer

    1. I have a Yamaha CR – 2040 series. If you are still interested in purchasing one. My name is James my # is 8174046850. Have a Blessed Day

  7. I’ve had my CR2040 since about ‘81 and it’s still sounding as good as it did on day one. I also have a CR3020 and although they’re close I think I prefer the 2040

  8. i have a nice clean yamaha cr-2040 with owners guide and ad sheet. if your looking i can be reached at 815-404-1729

  9. Looking to purchase cr2040 must be in New Working condition. Guarantee of condition and operation is a must.Must be honest about product or I will fly by and open fire!

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