Wintec R1030

Wintec R1030

Well, let’s delve into the obscure for a little bit.  This is the Wintec R1030 made by Wintec of America in Long Beach California back in the late 70’s. You don’t see this brand very often and collectors don’t exactly clamor over it either. Still, they are actually well built receivers with great FM tuners and solid controls.  Ok, so it’s ugly.  Not all receivers are perfect. It actually looks like some sort of early computer to me. The red lights on the left are for signal strength and tuning direction. It outputs 30 watts per channel.

Wintec R1030 Inside

The Wintec R-1030 has speaker settings of A, B and A+B and it also has a mid tone control in addition to the usual bass and treble controls. It features a Hi filter, Loudness button, FM mute button, Tape monitor A and B buttons and two Aux inputs.  Apparently these units were manufactured by Luxman though I haven’t verified that yet. If so, that would attest to the build quality of the Wintecs.

Wintec R1030 Back

Despite its performance the Wintec receivers tend to be on the ugly and therefore slightly undesirable side. Because of this they don’t really command much in the marketplace. The monster R1120 has some followers but the smaller units such as this R1030 sell for fairly low amounts.  This unit sold for $75.00 in average working condition.

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7 thoughts on “Wintec R1030

  1. I developed the Wintec line of receivers and other audio components (most never made it to the US). They were designed to slot in between the commonly discounted Pioneer and Sansui lines and the higher-end Yamaha line. They incorporated higher quality components and features typically not found on any other receivers in the price range. One of the hallmarks of the product line was that every unit was individually tested and performance specs for that unit was presented to the owner.

    To clarify a couple of points, Wintec of America was headquartered in City of Industry, CA. All equipment was manufactured by Kyocera in Japan.

  2. I had the Wintec R1015 and loved that thing. At some point, I had problems w/the tuner. I took it in for repairs (this was back in ’85) and the repair shop could not get a schematic on the unit and therefore could not fix. I eventually ended up tossing it.

  3. I’m from The Netherlands and may came across a set of Wintec Speakers, being sold in combination with a Technics stereo set, originally from 1980. Seller tells me it has code SP-202 (40W/90W 3-way). Is anyone around that has any knowledge about these speakers ?

    Wintec is extremely rare in Europe. As is the case with Roelofs speakers (Dutch / Japanese).


  4. Hello. I own a R-1120 stereo receiver Seems Wintec components are rather elusive and any information regarding them is almost extinct. I will say the R-1120 is a big receiver. It is bigger than my Sansui QRX-9001 and maybe heavier too. Sound is powerful and balanced
    Mr. Gerson…I’d like to know more about these. If possible I’d like to get in contact with you.

  5. Came across this after seeing an ad on Craigslist. I don’t know why the author considered them ugly. I think they are pretty sharp looking. Looks are in the vein of the B&O and Yamaha style. Both of those I considered very good looking. Certainly different than the mass-market of the time. That’s the attraction to me even to this day.

  6. Hallo. Ich bin stolzer Besitzer eines Wintec Receiver , Modell 777 . Das Gerät leistet an Baltic Boxen mächtig rums. Dieses Gerät habe ich restauriert und mit weiteren koponeten seiner Zeit kombiniert. Jetzt ziert diese tolle Anlage mein Wohnzimmer.

    Hello. I am the proud owner of a Wintec receiver, model 777. The device makes powerful noise to Baltic boxes. I restored this device and combined it with other equipment of its time. Now this great facility graces my living room.

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