Toshiba SA-7100

Toshiba SA-7100

Toshiba’s candidate in the monster receiver category was the Toshiba SA-7100. The later SA-7150 was is similar but had one of the early digital tuners as opposed to the analog dial on this unit. The big Toshiba receivers are probably under appreciated by the collecting community and don’t bring as high a price as some of the more well known brands but they are built well and sound great. this receiver put out 110 watts per channel in to 8 ohms and 140 watts per channel in to 4 ohms.

Toshiba SA-7100

The SA-7100 has a neat flip top cover for the tone and balance controls and switches. Overall very nice styling and performance.

Toshiba SA-7100 Back

The Toshiba SA-7100’s can be picked for a lot less than a comparable Pioneer or Sansui. If they are in very good cosmetic and working condition they can be found for less than $400.00. One sold (8-29-2019) for $327.00 that was in good condition and fully functional.

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3 thoughts on “Toshiba SA-7100

  1. These are some of the most well buit receivers ever made and some of the most rare ones because you dont see the market flooded with them like others So well built they put the others units to shame and they sound great doing it

  2. I picked my up in mint condition for $450. Sounds fat yet clean. So powerful! I love the looks under appreciated means you don’t have to spend $1500 on a monster anymore. Two thumbs way up.

  3. I just bought one a couple of months ago for $350 CA.
    It has a few minor cosmetic issues but overall in very good condition.
    I bought a Toshiba in 1978 along with other Toshiba components totalling $1750 which was a considerable amount back then with paper route money I saved, i think it was the SA-775.
    It was a power house and clear sounding.
    I used it for many hall parties of 300 to 500 and was very capable unit.
    I remember when my mother had a tea party and when she poured hot liquid in the cups, the bottoms fell out as the cabinet was 10 feet away from my stereo for years.
    Since cleaning and replacing some burned out bulbs, it performs very well and with 4 speakers the sound is very clear and lots of bass and rarely turn it up past halfway because basically it is just too loud for where I live and sure that 90% of most people would do the same.
    I own a Marantz 2215B and Marantz Model 1200, but love the Toshiba just as much.
    I just cant say anything bad about it.

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