Technics SA-818

This is the classic Technics SA-818. The SA-818 put out 110 watts per channel rms. It listed for $850.00 when introduced in 1980 and weighs just under 41 pounds. The SA-818 and it’s younger brother the SA-616 only lasted one year as they were totally redesigned the following year.

One of the SA-818’s features was called Synchro-bias which was a change in the circuitry to eliminate distortion from transistors switching on and off. It’s rated maximum Total Harmonic Distortion is .005% or less.  Not bad. It also had Quartz Synthesized Tuning and a new Class A amplifier section.

The SA-818 also featured LED meters instead of the older analog needle meters (Vu). Unfortunately non-functional meter LED’s are a common problem with these units as they get older. In good working condition these receivers can sell for  $300-$600.

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14 thoughts on “Technics SA-818

  1. I am the original owner of a SA-616 and am thinking of a sale. Do you know if anyone is interested? It is in very good condition and I would like it to go to someone who has an appreciation for the quality of classic equipment.
    Thank you! Matt

    1. Buenas noches ; yo tengo un SA-616 y es una maravilla ; no le pide nada a un Sansui ; si lo vendes me imagino que obtendrás otro ampli ; de verdad te recomiendo es un gran receptor y yo en lo personal NO LO CAMBIARIA ; a no ser que te encuentres con un fino LAFAYETTE CUADRAFONICO de alta gama

    2. Hi just wanted to know if anyone knows the cause of losing one channel.. how do I go about fixing it its the model sa 818..

  2. i just got a technic sa 818, the lights all power up but the red pertection light comes on, do not know what this is. is there a reset switch inside or something, looking for info. thanks Kevin

  3. En réponse a Mat. Si tu as tu peux toujours me rejoindre sur émail et on discutera. :)
    Pour votre problème Kevin je ne sais quoi, petit truc qui devrais être vérifier par un bon électricien, vaux mieux pas laisser le mini problème devenir grand.

    Admin translation: In response to Mat. You can always reach me at and discuss. Kevin :) For your problem I do not know what little thing that should be checked by a good electrician, better to not let the problem become big.

  4. Any info on the BLACK FACE models of this receiver? Was there a choice between the 2 at time of purchase or like the Pioneer Models were they made for the Euro-Military market? Thanks!

  5. It is my understanding from Albie at Cherry Vintage Audio, Greenville, SC that only 100 of these black-faced SA-818 were sold, and all of them came from a US Air Force Base BX in Germany. Another characteristic of these special receivers, other than the dark face, actually a very dark brown, is that the serial number will end with the letters “FEE”. Albie and I just made a receiver trade and I ended up with one of them. Very nice receiver! If you would like additional information, check out his website and shoot him an email about it. Thanks!

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