Technics SA-5170

Technics SA-5170

The sky blue color of this receivers dial face makes it immediately recognizable. This is the Technics SA-5170 and a number of Technics receivers have this look.  It is pretty distinct when lit up as well as you can see below.  This isn’t a powerhouse of a receiver at 25 watts per channel but it’s a good little performer. It features:

  • Tape in/output
  • Phono input
  • Aux input
  • Speaker selector for main and remote
  • Loudness button
  • FM muting – on/FM auto off/FM mono
  • Separate bass and treble controls
  • AM, FM, phono and aux selector
  • Tuning meter
Technics SA-5170

This little receiver was manufactured from 1977 through 1978 and sold for around $230.00.  I’m guessing it was fairly popular as I tend to see a lot of them around and at one point owned and restored one. If you’re into the big receivers then the Technics SA-5170 isn’t for you. But if you want an affordable, simple, easy to use, receiver that will catch your eye when it’s lit up then maybe you should check one out.

Technics SA-5170 Back

I wouldn’t say there is a huge demand for these receivers but I managed to sell mine fairly quickly.  A unit in really good working condition should sell for $80-200. Most will have some damage to the veneer and or pressboard so it isn’t all that easy to find one in excellent condition.

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14 thoughts on “Technics SA-5170

    1. You can try eBay but make sure you buy one from someone that’s experienced in shipping receivers. I recently saw one sell for $130 shipped that had been serviced and new lamps installed. That’s a pretty good deal. Only buy one that has been fully tested. Any repairs that have to be made by a shop will cost almost as much as the receiver.

  1. I have one for sale in great condition I will take 75 plus shiping for the unit you can contact me at 903 808 0046 mr martin

  2. What a great little receiver (& a great value). The sky blue dial and clean 25 watts per channel is perfect for our bedroom, paired with Micca MB42X bookshelf speakers & a little Grace digital receiver for Internet source audio (I program The Cove on 1977 was a great year for vintage gear – this one’s a favorite.

  3. I was given this unit when I was 11, along with a SL-23 table. I had no idea it was only 25 watts, I’ve blasted this amp really loud at parties and it’s held up volume and performance wise for the 15 years I’ve had it.

  4. Can anyone tell me the size/rating of the speaker fuses on the back of their unit? I believe they are 2.5 or 3A, 125v, but how long? Thank you for any possible help.

  5. This series of Technics SA-5170 up to the SA-5770 Receivers are excellent sounding quality components. The SA-5770 was rated at 165watts/.08%thd! The next series SA-200 up to the MONSTER SA-1000 were sold from around 1978-1979 and prices on these are going up quickly. I found a Technics SA-400 and it has amazing clarity sound. More recently I won on bid for a Technics SA-5570 rated at 85watts/.1%thd. Again excellent power and clear sounding.The price was very fair as say compared to maybe the Technics SA-600 at 70watts/.04% thd. Happy searching…

  6. I’m setting up my very first turntable to listen to vinyl. I have purchased the Technics SL J2 direct drive, Polk T15 speakers and the technics Sa 5170 Reciever. I bought preamp just in case but Someone told me that the amp is already built into the SA 5170 and every website I review for specs I don’t see that listed.
    Do I need the preamp for this setup?
    Thanks for your guidance

    1. The SA-5170 should work fine. Just run the turntable into the Phono inputs on the back of the 5170 (remember to hook up the ground wire as well).

  7. I have the opportunity to purchase an SA 5170 for $75. I can hook up my own speakers and turntable to test. What specifically should I focus on?

    1. I’d make sure both channels work equally well. Also check all the switches to see if anything cuts out when they’re used.

  8. I have this receiver and I love it. Plenty loud enough for me using Bose 301 Series ii speakers. I bought it reburshed for $175.00. Love everything about it. The original blue lamps were replaced with white lamps when refurbed but not a big deal. Maybe I’ll replace them with blue at some point.

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