Tandberg TR-2060

Tandberg TR-2060


Pictures don't really do this Tandberg TR-2060 receiver justice. Having owned one in the past I know full well how nice they are on the eyes. Tandberg is a Norwegian company probably more know in vintage audio circles for their tape decks rather than their receivers. But, those who've seen and heard either their Huldra, SolvSuper or TR lines of receivers know just how good they are.

During the early 1930's Vebjørn Tandberg's company started manufacturing radios based loosely upon the German Telefunken radios of the time. Known for their radio reception they grw in popularity. During the 1950's the quality of their reel-to-reel tape decks brought them recognition in the US and really overshadowed the quality of their receivers. The TR-2060 was introduced in late 1977 and was in US markets until about 1981 or so.


Tandberg TR-2060 Top


The TR-2060 is rated at 60 watts per channel into 8 ohms. It has an unmistakable European styling that, even today, looks modern and high tech. The aluminum faceplate, big square push buttons and fat black Tandberg name font all add to its unique look. But, the one thing most people remember about the TR series is the rosewood cabinets. Their really isn't any other receiver line with such nice looking cabinets.


Tandberg TR-2060 Left


One interesting feature of the TR-2030, TR-2045, and TR-2060 is that they all have stereo presets which were somewhat uncommon at the time. Some Tandberg owners aren't even aware of the feature. Amazingly the top of the line TR-2080 did not have the preset feature. The presets work as follows:


Select the preset by pushing the button. Tune the preset by using the knob below the preset and the indicator needle on the signal strength meter. The signal strength meter shows the station frequency as it is calibrated with the 88-108 and turns into a tuning dial when the presets are selected. This system gives a total of P(1-5) + 1 = 6 presets as the main dial is selected when the FM button is pushed.


Tandberg TR-2060 Right


The tuner sections in the Tandberg TR line are top notch and can compete with the most pricey tuners of the time. One drawback of the Tandberg's is that they require DIN connectors. So, if you're in the US, and want to run your turntable or tape deck through the receiver, then you'll probably need to find 5 pin DIN to RCA cables.


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The speaker outputs are the common spring loaded clips.



Tandberg TR-2060 Back


Tandberg receivers are great performers and look fantastic. For a time they flew under the radar and could be had pretty cheaply. But, their popularity is growing and so are their sale prices. Still, compared to other brands such as McIntosh and Marantz they are still reasonable. If you like a little European flair to go along with your vintage taste then try out a Tandberg. A really nice TR-2060 can be had for around $400 with average units running at about $200.


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Tandberg TR-2080

Tandberg TR-2080


I've always though that Tandberg built some of the nicest looking receivers during the late 70's.  This Tandberg TR-2080 is no exception. The sleek design and logical layout are enhanced by it's lighting scheme. Originally built in Norway from 1978 up in to the early 80's, this receiver puts out 125 watts per channel into 4 ohms. The faceplate is aluminum and it came with wood cabinet in either natural wood grain or black.


Tandberg TR-2080 Front


The TR-2080 was one of Tandberg's top of the line models and is known for its exceptional tuner. While not nearly as well recognized in the U.S. as the Pioneer, Sansui or Kenwood it can definitely hold its own performance wise with those behemoths.


Tandberg TR-2080 Meters


Another interesting feature of the Tandberg receivers is that I see quite a few of them with fairly exotic veneer. I'm not sure if they came from the factory like that or were re-veneered by their owners. Given the number I've seen I'm leaning toward it being  factory work. In fact, I've heard that the earlier versions of the Tandbergs had the more exotic grained veneer while the later versions utilized a more normal looking receiver veneer.


Tandberg TR-2080 Back


At one time I owned a Tanberg TR-2075 that I picked up at a garage sale for a few bucks.  Once it was cleaned up it looked beautiful. I cleaned the pots and switches and it then sounded fantastic as well. The TR-2080 replaced the TR-2075 which was made from arouns 1975 to 1976 and supplanted by the TR-2075 MKII. The early TR-2075's had blue dial lighting which looks great. Unfortunately with the TR-2080 the lighting scheme was changed and amber lights were used. Still, when it's lit up it looks great. There is also a dimmer switch that will accent the lighting of the meters when switched.

The receiver below is an example of one with exotic veneer.


Tandberg TR-2080 Veneer


As I mentioned above these receivers aren't that well known here so bargains can still be had. Still, in good working condition these receivers sell from $400.00 on up to above $600.00.


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