Sansui G-9000

Sansui G-9000

Ahhh…the beautiful look of the late 70’s Sansui receivers.  The warm golden glow from the dial and meter lights and the smorgasbord of buttons, knobs, and switches below. It’s a stereo lovers delight. The best Sansui I ever had was the G-8000.  Here we have the Sansui G-9000. There was also a G-9000DB with only a minor difference that I’ll get into in a moment.   The G-9000 put out a massive 160 watts per channel and it was one of the more popular choices for military men overseas in the 70’s. It retailed for around $1000.00 but was discounted at some of the miltary exchanges. It is known for good clean power and you’ll be hard pressed to find any G-9000 owner that does not love the unit.

Sansui G-9000 Left

Sansui built the G-9000, and many of their other receivers of the time, like a tank. It’s pretty big as well measuring 22.04 x 7.91 x 19.49 and weighing in at just under 60 pounds. Some of the features are:

  • FET-Differential Amplifier without capacitive interface
  • Preamplifier Inputs with FET
  • Triplex Tone Control (Bass/Middle/Treble)
  • Subsonic Filter
  • 4 large Meters
  • Pre-adjustment for Limiting Frequency
  • Tape-to-Tape in both directions (1-2 / 2-1)
  • IF Bandwidth Selector (Wide/Narrow)
Sansui G-9000 Dolby Switch

As I mentioned above there was also a G-9000DB model. The picture above of the controls for the G-9000 show a Dolby FM De-Emphasis switch.  The photo below of the G-9000DB shows a Dolby FM Decoder switch.  So, what is the actual difference between the G-9000 and the G-9000DB? The G-9000DB had the Dolby circuitry while the G-9000 only had FM de-emphasis circuitry which is somewhat akin to a poor man’s Dolby. Keep in mind that the Dolby on both the receivers was for FM only so they are not much use today as FM is not broadcast using Dolby anymore. So, by today’s standards these two machines are essentially the same.

Sansui G-9000DB Dolby Switch

Wow, look at the heatsinks on the back of this unit.  There is no questioning the build quality of the G-9000 receivers. I you find one that has channel problems of crackling output keep in mind that these receivers pots tend to get dirty over time and need cleaning. If turning the volume knob or other knobs or switches causes the output to break up or cut out then it probably needs cleaned. It’s a pretty easy fix and you could end up with a fantastic receiver for a budget price.

Sansui G-9000 Back

I should also mention that there is a G-901 model that is basically the G-9000 model with a gray faceplate that was most likely a European model. The G-9000 is highly sought after by collectors and will fetch very high prices depending upon condition. The DB model tends to sell for a little bit more but as I mentioned the Dolby doesn’t make much difference these days.  The G-901 is harder to find and will sell for a premium as well.

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27 thoughts on “Sansui G-9000

    1. I blew out my G7000 with compressed air. I was just careful not to use too much pressure. I also shot some DeOxit into the potentiometers to clean them up which made a BIG difference.

  1. The Sansui G-9000 as well as the entire “G” series that Sansui produced during the late 1970’s all perform very well and are a thing of beauty.

  2. It should be mentioned after 35 years of use or sitting these units should be recapped. The capacitors will swell up and self destruct and need to be replaced. A recap, cleaning of the switches and pots will go a long way
    to keep these receivers operating for many more years. I love my G901, it looks and sounds great. I hope to die listening to it.

  3. I bought my G9000DB Sansui receiver in Germany Aug 1978 and it still plays and looks great. I do not use all the time but have it hooked up to my turn tables and cassette player

  4. I have a G-9000 Afew weeks ago the left speaker started going out after it was playing for about an hour.Iwould turn it off then back on speaker would come on.Its got worse now it plays for a couple minuets and goes out.I unhooked my speakers turned on receiver and watched the watt meters after about a few minuets left meter would go to zero and if I turn the volume knob in both directions real fast the watt meter kicks back on.So it seems to me its in the volume pot I live in Kentucky I called a few places for possible cleaning no one around this area wants to touch it. probably a good thing hoping someone here can help

  5. I To have a Sansui G-9000 and Yes, Best sounding Reciever out there… I also have 2 Sansui G-7700, I Will NEVER Sell Them…!!!

  6. I have the g-9000 receiver but I have 2 channels blown and can’t find the original parts…any suggestions?

    1. Depends on which parts you need. If you’re still trying to diagnose the problem I would start HERE at the AudioKarma Sansui forum. They might be able to help. They might know where to get the correct parts as well. There are usually parts on eBay if you know what you need already. Definite;y worth fixing as there have been a few sales over $1500 recently. One as high as $1750.

    2. Take it in and recap and they will put new finals in cost around 500 I had mine done it’s A1 now works great had recapped 1 year and half. Love it’s sound. G9000

  7. Hi Rob, may I ask u why u need the volume control? It can be disassembled for cleaning and/or repair. Most of times, these controls have poor contact between carbon trace and the metallic pins, and can be fixed with conductive silver ink.

  8. Hi everyone I am new to this sight but I had to tell the story about how I obtain my Sansui G 9000db receiver for 10;99 + 6 percent KY state tax =11,65 cents grand total . I knew it was very special because it’s weight and all the v u meter’s , lights and the over all size. The receiver seems to be in mint condition? Sounds Amazing and The pure power . I love my receiver . Happy Good Will shopping .

  9. I bought my G-9000DB in Japan in 1979. Packed and used around the world and back but only now needs volume cleaning. I still love it!!

  10. My Sansei G9000DB has a tuner problem. The fins were accidentally sprayed with Deoxit and this had affected
    it . can the tuner fins be cleaned?

  11. Yes you can use CRC contact cleaner to get the deoxit residue off the tuner fins. The lubricant in deoxit changes the capacitance of the fins and messes up the tuner. Spray the crc on the fins and wait half hour.

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