Sansui G-6700

This is the Sansui G-6700. It was produced from 1980-1982 and had a list price of $730.00. It was rated at 90 watts per channel into 8 ohms and had a total harmonic distortion of 0.025%.

The Sansui G-6700 weighs approximately 35 pounds. It has tone controls for Bass and Treble and Filters for both Subsonic and High. It also has a loudness control.  It has outputs for two sets of speakers as well as headphones. For inputs it has Phono, Tape 1+2 and Aux.

Nearly all the Sansui G series receivers are very collectible. Even this mid range G-6700 sells for around $700-800.

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22 thoughts on “Sansui G-6700

  1. The G-6700 has its stages sectioned, so each stage is built onto its own independent PC board. This ensures interference/distortion free design as well as the ability to thoroughly test each stage during manufacture.

    This is well built Japaneese product with a bulid quality matching professional equipment. Not just “a bunch of decent circuitry tossed onto a simple 1 piece PC board”. Costly to manufacture today.

  2. I just picked up one from Salvation Army Store for $44.99. It had 35 yrs of dirt and grime, cleaned, detoxed, it is in 9+ minty, all lights all power perfect. I bought the AU-717 last summer on eBay for $450. I actually think I like the sound of this better (even though so many rave over the weight and build of the 717. I will try the 6700 with my mint KLH-23’s (also from SA for $44.00 and see what we see.

  3. I have the GS-6700 Sansui for years and I’m bout to have it clean. It’s have the cherry wood and it’s a GOOD receiver.

  4. Looking for Master Volume and Balance Volume for SANSUI G-6700. Anyone has source of these please give contact no. or email.

    Thank you.

  5. I have a Sansui G-6700 and I am interested in making a sale on this item. In Great working condition. If interested contact me.

  6. Bought a G6700 new in 1980.Rated at 90 watts per channel but I have driven it in excess of 150 watts per channel with no clipping and no audible degradation in sound quality through both my Pioneer HPM150s and my Cerwin Vega 380SE speakers

  7. I have a Sansui G6700 Receiver and I have no idea what it’s worth, but it is in perfect condition.

  8. I am not sure about the the year stated when it was produced. I was in the USN, and pick up my G-6700 on the Navy Exchange in PI in 1979. It cost me about $120.00, if I remember correctly. With my travelling, a lot of it, if I add it all up, I may only have about 100 hours of use of it. It had GREAT sound. But I know it is the speakers that may make or break the sound. It still has not seen use yet. I am using my His, I have 2, for now.

  9. Great receiver I have always wanted one and I picked this up through the Facebook Market 2 weeks ago for $100.00. It was being sold originally for $50.00 10 minutes before i saw the add. I messaged the seller and told her I would give her $100.00 and pick it up right away. She talked it over with her husband and he said for her to give it to me for the $100.00. I was astatic. She also gave me a free turntable technics SL-Q2 for nothing. Was a great day for me especially because everything works !

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