Sansui G-6700


This is the Sansui G-6700. It was produced from 1980-1982 and had a list price of $730.00. It was rated at 90 watts per channel into 8 ohms and had a total harmonic distortion of 0.025%.

The Sansui G-6700 weighs approximately 35 pounds. It has tone controls for Bass and Treble and Filters for both Subsonic and High. It also has a loudness control.  It has outputs for two sets of speakers as well as headphones. For inputs it has Phono, Tape 1+2 and Aux.



Nearly all the Sansui G series receivers are very collectible. Even this mid range G-6700 sells for around $250.00.


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7 thoughts on “Sansui G-6700

  1. The G-6700 has its stages sectioned, so each stage is built onto its own independent PC board. This ensures interference/distortion free design as well as the ability to thoroughly test each stage during manufacture.

    This is well built Japaneese product with a bulid quality matching professional equipment. Not just “a bunch of decent circuitry tossed onto a simple 1 piece PC board”. Costly to manufacture today.

  2. I just picked up one from Salvation Army Store for $44.99. It had 35 yrs of dirt and grime, cleaned, detoxed, it is in 9+ minty, all lights all power perfect. I bought the AU-717 last summer on eBay for $450. I actually think I like the sound of this better (even though so many rave over the weight and build of the 717. I will try the 6700 with my mint KLH-23’s (also from SA for $44.00 and see what we see.

  3. I have the GS-6700 Sansui for years and I’m bout to have it clean. It’s have the cherry wood and it’s a GOOD receiver.

  4. Looking for Master Volume and Balance Volume for SANSUI G-6700. Anyone has source of these please give contact no. or email.

    Thank you.

  5. I have a Sansui G-6700 and I am interested in making a sale on this item. In Great working condition. If interested contact me.

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