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SAE R102

SAE R102 Front

This is something you don’t see too often. It’s the solid state SAE R102 Computer Direct-Line Receiver. SAE stands for Scientific Audio Electronics which was a company based in Los Angeles. SAE was formed in 1968 and built components up into the early 90’s I believe. They were known for both quality and performance. The company was sold in 1988 and production moved overseas after which quality declined. The later R102 was designed and engineered at SAE in Los Angeles but made in Korea.

SAE R102 Front

The R102 was produced from 1984 until 1991 and is a very musical sounding receiver. It’s fairly heavy for its compact size as well. It produces 50 watts per channel and retailed for $499. The wood side panels can be removed and the unit can be rack mounted.

SAE R102 Spec Sheet

The SAE R102 has inputs for both a CD player as well as a turntable. It also has two tape deck inputs and inputs for two sets of speakers. It has the typical mid 1980’s look with all black metal case and wood grain side panels. Red LED’s seemed to be very popular back then as well.

SAE R102 Back

SAE components aren’t very common and don’t have the name popularity of other receiver such as Pioneer or Sansui. Some do collect them however and in working condition they are desirable to audio enthusiasts. However, they are somewhat difficult to work on so you’ll need to find a good tech for any repairs.

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