Pioneer SX-980

Pioneer SX-980

Here is another late 1970’s classic receiver. It’s the Pioneer SX-980 and was produced from 1978 to 1979 and was the last of the 900 series receivers from Pioneer. The SX-980 is basically a slightly restyled SX-950. You’ll notice that the meter faces are black instead of white to improve the legibility of the analog meters. The SX-980 is rated at 80 watts per channel into 8 ohms. As a comparison the SX-950 was rated at 85 WPC. While the sound difference between the 980 and 950 may not be very noticeable to most listeners the build quality of the two units is different. The consensus is that Pioneer’s 50 series receivers are built better than the 80 series.

Pioneer SX-980 Mid

Aesthetically these receivers are extremely nice to look at. They embody the vintage receiver look of the late 70’s. I personally own an SX-950 and love the look as well as the sound. With a nice restored wood cabinet they are hard to beat and will catch the eye of even non-audio enthusiasts. Here is the spec sheet for the SX-980:

Pioneer SX-980 Spec Sheet

The SX-980 features separate bass and treble controls with turnover switches from 200hz and 400hz bass, 5k and 25k treble, tone on/off, filter switches for 15hz and 8khz, FM muting, two tape in/outputs, duplicate switch, two phono inputs and one aux input, phono two selector is also the mic selector, mode stereo and mono, loudness on/off, mic input and muting switch, both signal and tuning meters, as well as both right and left channel output meters which display wattage.

The SX-980 retailed for about $600 – $650. It weighs about 41 pounds and measures 21  11/16  X  6  5/16  X  17  5/16 inches. These receivers, including the SX-950, are great values and can be purchased for a reasonable amount.

Pioneer SX-980 Back

Obviously most any vintage Pioneer receiver is going to be in high demand and the SX-980 is no exception. They look good and perform exceptionally well so even at a higher price point they are worth it.

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  1. Hi, I’m currently in the market for one of these Pioneer tuner amps. It would need to be in very original condition and perfectly working. I am writing to you hoping that you may be able to point me in the direction of a good one at a good price.
    Kindest Regards,

      1. Hello Frank,

        I’m Ben Tice from Savannah, Tennessee and you say you have one on mint shape, but are you selling it because it doesn’t say so I thought I’d ask first. If so if you wouldn’t mind maybe some how we could get it together to talk after you say it’s for sale.
        thanks and hope to hear from you.
        Ben Tice

      1. Hi,

        I too am looking for a Pioneer SX-980. If any of you still have one for sale and it is in clean, complete and in working order I am a serious buyer. Please let me know. Thank you!

        1. I have one of the pioneer sx-980 it is in great shape and clean. works as it should. all the buttons and knobs are on it and all lights work also. can send a video of it playing. And yes it’s for sale.

    1. gerald vaughan
      good morning
      I have a sx980 an sx1080 original and a turn table PL540
      for sale david 5164299262

  2. I have one and I want to sell. clean and all working. There is a repair sticker from the 70s on it. I’m the second owner. 600 straight up. will send a pile of pick if interested and will tell you the tape a/b pot needs to be cleaned as you can loose a side after a long time listening.

  3. I have an sx850 I bought in the mid seventies. Would like to have it restored, anyone know of company or person who would do this and do it right?

  4. Hi Michael….I have a excellent SX980 receiver that is beautiful and in great working order.$500 plus shipping if interested.
    Just respond to this post or email me at zx1truth at

  5. I still have a excellent SX980 receiver that is beautiful and in great working order.$500 plus shipping if interested.
    Just respond to this post or email me at zx1truth at

  6. Hi Looking for a Pioneer SX980 for a reasonable price in New York Sate. Will pick up so no need to ship.

  7. I have one of these as well looks great sounds great does have small chip in bottom corner of wood and small scratch in chrome on top not deep but still there everything thing else lights and all work fine asking 500 best +shipping

  8. I still have a pristine SX980 receiver that is beautiful and in great working order. $500 plus shipping if interested.
    Just respond to this post or email me at zx1truth at

  9. Hello, I have a working Pioneer SX-980 that I have owned for over 30 years. Very good condition, although I don’t have all the equipment to test all the options. I am in MN and would prefer not ship if possible. I don’t have the org box. Email me if interest at

  10. I have a very little used, like new, original parts pristine condition SX980 that I am looking to sell. I reside in Michigan and would prefer a local pick up, but would also consider shipping if there is interest. Email:

  11. I’m clearing my Pioneer collection. I have a SX-680, SX-780, SX-880 and SX-980. All are clean and in full working condition.
    Choose your receiver, make an offer. Contact me at

  12. I disagree with your assertion that the 980 is basically a “slightly restyled” 950. That couldn’t be further from the truth as they are absolutely nothing alike either physically or electronically. About the only thing they have in common is the name “Pioneer”, and SX-9.. Anyone that has studied these two side by side and internally could tell you that.

    1. I have a pioneer sx-980 receiver for sale. It was fully working and in great condition when we put it in our storage room probably 30 years ago. We have just cleaned out the room and decided to sell it. We also have a pioneer pl-518 turntable. I can send pictures if you are interested.


  13. I just bought an sx-838. does anyone know how the bass turnover switch works. Does one set the tone for each of the two settings. Or does the switch mean you are setting the tone for only one of the two frequencies and the other goes back to neutral?

  14. I have an original pioneer SX-980 that I bought new in the 70’s and a PL-518 turntable. Anyone interested?

  15. I have a real nice SX-980 that was serviced by Stereo Rehab in Chicago I also have an Akai GX-630D reel to reel for sale…. Thanks Joe.

    1. Hello, I am interested in purchasing an SX-980. Please reach out to me if you have available. many thanks! Rob @ 587 377 3188

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