Pioneer SX-950


This is the stylish Pioneer SX-950.  This receiver was offered by Pioneer from 1976 through 1977. It had a list price of around $600.00. This model was in the upper end of the quality range and sold well. The 950 is rated at 85 watts per channel into 8 ohms. It weighs about 55 pounds.


Features include:


  • Weighted Analog Flywheel Tuning – NICE!
  • Signal Strength Meter
  • Tuning Precision Meter
  • Stereo Signal Indicator Light
  • Bass Level Control
  • Treble Level Control
  • Switchable Bass Cutoff Level For Precise Sound Control
  • Switchable Treble Cutoff
  • 4 Gang Tuning Section for Incredible Sensitivity!
  • Switchable FM De-emphasis – Cleans Up Noisy Signals
  • FM Mute Swtich for Quiet Tuning
  • MPX Filter Cleans Up Noisy FM Reception
  • Loudness Switch – Improves sound quality at low listening levels.
  • High Filter Switch – Eliminates annoying hiss and static.
  • Low Filter Switch – Reduces low end noise and protects your speakers.
  • Stereo/Mono Switch
  • Audio Mute- Instantly Reduce Volume
  • Flat Switch – Aids in Adjusting EQ Settings
  • Inputs For Aux (CD Players), Tape1, Tape2, Phono1, and Phono2
  • Pre In/Out Jacks for Adding Equalizers, etc.
  • Full Dubbing Capabilities Between Tape Decks
  • Headphone Jack on Front Panel
  • Drives A, B, C, or A+B Speakers



The Pioneer SX-950’s now sell for up to $500.00 in good working condition.


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