Pioneer SX-737

Pioneer SX-737

The Pioneer SX-737 was a mid to higher end stereo in their lineup of the SX-424, SX-535, SX-636, SX-737, SX-838 receivers. Produced in 1974 it churns out 35 watts per channel. Pioneer advertised it by saying: It has the power to do the job – not too much and not too little.  That about sums it up. It retailed for about $300.

Pioneer SX-737 Meters

The SX-737 really is a nice looking receiver. The blue dial light and meter are accented by red and green indicator lights. Add in the wood cabinet and brushed aluminum face plate and it exudes that vintage audio look.

Pioneer SX-737 Knobs

It has the usual array of features one would expect in a mid range stereo. The FM front end is equipped with a frequency-linear 4-gang variable capacitor and dual-gate MOS FET. FM reception stability is enhanced by its multiplex demodulator with the Pioneer’s PLL (Phase Lock Loop) circuit.

Pioneer SX-737 Inside

One interesting feature of the SX-737 that you don’t see on many other receiver of the time is the Recording Selector option that allows the user to record an FM station while simultaneously listening to an LP, or vice versa. The build quality of the SX-737 was good but they are known for blowing output transistors occasionally. Over 40 years after it was introduced they usually need some of the electrolytic capacitors replaced in order to function as they should.

Pioneer SX-737 Back

Pioneer receivers are always popular and the SX-737 is no exception. They sold quite a few of them so they aren’t rare. But, the desirable mix of aesthetics and performance make it a good receiver for vintage audio enthusiasts.

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38 thoughts on “Pioneer SX-737

  1. I’d recommend this receiver to anyone whether newbie or collector. It’s got great sound, awesome phono stage and excellent build quality. It should be noted that the Pioneer x3x line also includes the SX-1010. I own both and while the 737 is NOT a 1010, I like to think the 737 as sort of a mini 1010 if that makes any sense.

  2. I bought my SX 737 while I was stationed in Germany 1975 at a electronics store in Frankfurt that only sold to American Military. I have used it every since everything about it is great. But after the years of use the left (channel) speakers fade in and out, I think it’s probably going to quit any time. Is it worth the money to fix it or should I replace it? What’s your thoughts?

    1. If you really like it then I would have it fixed. They’re worth about $250-$400 in nice working condition – more if a technician has gone through it and it’s mint. It’s possible it could be a simple fix. If you have someone nearby that can check it out and you don’t have to ship it anywhere then it would probably be cost effective to have someone go through it. While it’s on the bench you could have them go through the power supply and bias adjustment and other things to make it good as new. Definitely worth having someone at least look at it. HERE are recent sales on eBay. That’s my two cents anyway. :)

    2. Try some Deoxit to clean the switch pots . Probably just dust and some light corrosion. Just google it and watch some YouTube videos.

    3. REPAIR !!! I got mine in 1974 and has been a great receiver ever since. But as he said, the left channel is starting to go out, and I will fix it, I don’t know of any other unit that has microphone jack to go along with you headphone jack, it’s a great receiver. Enjoy

  3. Thanks for the info. I don’t know were you live, I live close to Reno, NV. Do you know of any trustworthy shops in the Reno/Sparks, NV. area that could look at my receiver?

    Thanks, Ed

  4. wow… i also live near Reno and was recently given a Pioneer 737. I hooked my dvd player through the aux inputs and hooked up some rather small/cheap Phillips speakers from the stereo that i had previously owned. It sounded great for a few days and then the sound began to cut in and out and the volume would drop. I assumed that i needed to get better speakers but now i think that the receiver is in need of service. I can’t imagine that it has been used much in the past few decades. It looks great and i want to use this as my home stereo but also do not want to spend a lot of money on something that i got for free…

  5. Ed Hopkins,
    The first thing you can do yourself before you take it to a tech is to buy some Deoxit D5 electronics cleaner/lube. Usually when a speaker has been working but later starts cutting out, I found the culprit to simply be in the contacts inside the volume knob. Sometimes it may be another knob, but for some reason seems to mostly be in the volume. Do the speakers make a scratchy static sound when you turn the volume knob, or even one of the others??
    If so, turn off the unit, take the wood case cover off, and give all those knob contacts a spritz of Deoxit. If you look close on where the knob shaft goes into the contacts housing (potential meter–I think I spelled that right?),, you’ll see a little hole that you can stick the little Deoxit spray tube in and just give it a quick spritz, don’t soak it. Then work the knob ALL the way back and forth a bunch of times. Repeat the spritz and turn the knob once again.
    While you’re under the hood, go ahead and do this to all the other knobs so this problem doesn’t start in them later.

  6. I have A SX737 for sale works great ! looks like new all good ! you can E-Mail Me at scotttegtmeyer at asking $275.00

  7. I purchased my Pioneer SX 737 in 1975 while in the military. No need for a new receiver. After all these years of (heavy) use it still works perfectly.

  8. I just bought the sx737 and o love it it in mint condition work. Great. I have four speakers. Hooked to it. Sound. Real good 40.00 dollars what a steel

  9. I bought an SX-737 new back when I was in junior high school. It was paired with Advent 2 speakers, a Dual 1225 turntable and a Pioneer CT-5151 cassette desk. Great receiver for the money. Solid build quality and nice, rich sound. I Kept it until the ’90’s when one channel began to fade in and out and the dial lights started to burn out.

  10. I just picked a mint sx737 at a garage sale for $8.00. Beautiful and sounds great through my Paradigm studio monitors

  11. I bought my SX 737 in the fall of 1976 when I was at Colorado State University Corbett Hall, My room mate also showed up with the same SX 737 too. It has ran so well which I still have and use today. I do get it maintenanced so it is in top condition. The tech tried to buy it for over $400, I said nope.

  12. Having a problem with my Pioneer SX737 after 44 years. Volume will occasionally cut out after being powered up for an hour or so. Stays off anywhere from 10 seconds to two minutes then comes back on. Sometimes a little longer. Just started doing this about two months ago. I removed the cover from the unit and blowed out the inside with a can of air. First time I have ever had it off. Everything else functions good. All lamps function as does the meters and the stereo indicator light. Just no sound. I can hear a relay click on/off whenever it cuts out. Any suggestions. Nearest repair shop is 80 miles away in Pittsburg.

  13. Buenas tardes, tengo un sx-737 recien adquirido y me gusta mucho el sonido, solo que no he visto por ningún lado la luz que indica el estéreo.
    Es correcto o es que tiene quemada la luz indicadora. Gracias

    1. La luz STEREO solo se iluminará cuando se sintonice una estación FM estéreo.
      (The STEREO lamp will only illuminate when a stereo FM station is tuned in.)

  14. I have a SX-737 receiver that I recently “inherited” from a brother. I’d like to have it looked at by a repair person before I attempt to sell it. I’m hoping for a recommendation in the Southern California area. Thank you.

  15. I have a rather large collection of vintage Pioneer’s 828,434,1010,680,980,3700 and two 737’s. I have two vintage systems and one modern system set up in my home plus a system in my shop. The 737 gets the most use of any of my receivers and I would also say it is my favorite. I prefer the 30 series receivers in general for their build quality over the newer series and I like them better than the 20 series because they just a bit more modern. The only small negative is the wood case does not have real veneer. My 737 is set up for streaming with a google chrome cast audio that feeds an Airist R2R dac. I alternate between Energy Pro 22 and KEF 105.2 speakers and the sound quality is phenomenal with both. If you want to try a vintage receiver the 737 is not only one of the best bang for the buck vintage receivers, it one of the best vintage receivers period.

    1. Hello Spencer
      Sorry, the 1010 is not for sale at this time. I do have a very nice Sony STR V6 that has similar power to the 1010 that I will be selling.

  16. I recently bought a Pioneer SX-737 complete with manual, schematic and brochure all in pristine condition. The receiver works flawlessly and looks very clean inside and out. Not a scratch or dent anywhere. Sounds great with no problems.
    I started out Looking at the Kenwood receivers I remember of that era but the rave reviews of the SX-737 got my attention.
    The objective was to get back to a sensitive weighted linear tuner I remember from the 70’s. Digital preset tuners suck. Gotta love the brightly brushed aluminum look and solid cool controls with the glowing blue background of the tuner panel. This thing is a sonic iconic time machine that delivers some serious headspace with a pair of oldschool Koss headphones! Sounds great through the old KLH floor speakers and Klipsch R 41-M’s. A Douk Bluetooth preamp carries the iPhone tunes and DVD player on aux.
    This is a lucky find to be in this condition after 46 years on somebody’s bookshelf but I’d certainly recommend it.

  17. I have a sx737 that I bought new in 74. It has been in a box for 15 years and now I would like to get it refurbished. Does anyone know of a reliable shop in the vicinity of Rochester NH?

  18. I’m looking to purchase a 1010 pioneer receiver, if someone has one that they are willing to part with for a reasonable price let me know. Thanks

  19. Bought the black version of the sx-737 yesterday for Eur. 350 from a friendly seller at Haaksbergen. Not serviced, but in full working order despite having a few minor issuess, the usual stuff with 45 year-old equipment. Very good value for this money, I’ll have her fully restored when time comes.

  20. I have a very clean all original 737 and it still works great, such a nice warm full sound, especially when paired with the right speakers. A classic , love it. The recording selector is a cool unique feature rarely seen.

  21. I have had a pioneer pl-560 for years, but it has been running through a late off-brand 80 receiver. I am looking at a 737 or a 780 to pair with it. I would like an opinion from a more experienced person about what they would choose between the two. Thanks

  22. Ho un Pioneer SX737 dal 1977 xa quasi 8 anni non lo posso utilizzare lo porta ad un tecnico non della Pioneer mi disse che erano i commutatori dove pisso portarla a farlo vedere sono italiano vivo una città vicino Bari sud Italia non voglio andare troppo lontano almeno nel raggio di 100 km grazie

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