Pioneer SX-650

Pioneer SX-650

One of the classic mid-range receivers offered by Pioneer in the mid 70’s was this Pioneer SX-650. As you can see it has the classic silver face styling of Pioneer’s 50 series which, when coupled with the wood case, makes for an exceptionally clean and stylish looking receiver.  The SX-650 was produced from 1976-1977 and sold for around $300.00.  The SX-650 puts out 35 watts per channel in to 8 ohms and was designed and marketed for those with an average sized listening room and who wanted good value for their money. The 650 didn’t have to many frills but what it did it did well.

Pioneer SX-650 User Manual

The Pioneer SX-650 weighed in at around 29 pounds and its dimensions are: 19 x 6 x 14.5 inches.  For those with dial lighting issues the standard bulb in the SX-650 was an 8V 300mA globe bulb. Those are a little difficult to find these day so a good substitute is a 10mm  8V  .250A wedge bulb. They can still be fairly easily found and are not too expensive.

Pioneer SX-650 Back

The SX-650 also featured:

  • high filter
  • FM muting
  • two tape in/outs
  • one phono input
  • aux/mic input
  • tuning meter
  • signal meter
  • click-stop tone controls
Pioneer SX-650 Inside

The Pioneer SX-650’s are not uncommon. They can be found fairly readily so their prices are not too high. This is great for someone just starting out in vintage audio. You can get yourself a good quality receiver for not too much money. On average the SX-650 will sell from about $150.00 to over $300.00 obviously depending upon condition.

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30 thoughts on “Pioneer SX-650

    1. try electro tech services 626 792 4115 . in glendale ca. Jorge Gamez. he has worked on my equipment for 25 plus years .

    2. I knew a company in Enschede, The Netherlands, specialized in restoring classic radio’s, tube radio’s and classic receivers of all brands. DP Audio at Enschede. The mains voltage in Europe is 220 Volt 50 Hz, I know you people in the US use 110 Volts/60 Hz. But that’s not a problem given the fact they always use a variac which operates the same as the transformer of your model railroad.

    1. If hes not I am interested in your receiver . my name 916 is Gary and 410 I would appreciate it if you’d get back6383 to me at number provided.
      Thank you

  1. Bought mine in 1977. I have it in my man cave & it stills kick butt. I plug in my phone & play pandora all the time.

    1. Rob I’m Reading an old response regarding your pioneer 650 your cell phone can be hooked up to the analog receiver you don’t need a D AC converter?

      1. it isnt hard, what you need is a head phone jack in your device, and get headphone to rca cables, go into a tape input, and bam, instant digital to your analog device, i use a pc for all of mine, so i can youtube music, personally, you cannot beat good and up vinyl thou

  2. did it blow up or did it blow the fuse?
    I bought mine in 1976 and it is still going strong. Sometimes the contacts get dirty after 39 years and you have to flip the tape switches to get it to make good contact or you can lose 1 or 2 speakers.

  3. I had my SX 650 for 42 years, it finally went to the sound machine in the sky. One of the greatest investment in my teen years. It was like losing an old friend, last Friday garbage day. Some must be looking out for me. Because my eldest Son had a SX 750 in his garage he did want, and didn’t know where it came from. I’m a young 62 year old, and today I feel like a teenager all over again. LET THERE BE ROCK !!!

  4. I just cleaned up my father-in-law’s old SX-650 and pressed it into service powering the monitors in my mini home recording studio. I had to DIY some LED replacements for the dial lights, but beside that, a few spritzes of Deoxit in all the pots and switches got it back going strong. ’70s analog iron for a 21st-century laptop DAW. Yeah!

  5. DOH! If you’re using the aux inputs for an MP3 player or audio interface, DON’T FORGET TO CLEAN THE MICROPHONE JACK. If the switch contacts on the jack are dirty, it messes up the AUX signal. The Tape inputs are not effected by the MIC jack.

    Lesson learned.

  6. mine doesn’t have any sound except for some cracking noise,which seems to be coming from the left side of the receiver itself also the 3 lights are flickering.and the power switch knob wiggles somewhat. any suggestions?

  7. Deoxit that can be found at Radio Shack works very well for cleaning audio/volume control contacts. Worked like a champ on my SX 650.

  8. I have an SX 650 that has rust on the back extended part around the speaker connection area. Can anyone give me an idea how to restore that area?

  9. Get hold of sounds classic in Rockford il. All they do is refurbish classic audio. I’ve had them completely restore 4 reciever 2 pioneer, 1 marantz, and my monster Rotel. They do first class work at a reasonable price. They supplied all of the audio equipment for the HBO series vinyl. These guys are awesome I had a pioneer sx650 and xs780 refurbished as well as a Rotel 1203 and they all are awesome just like brand new. My marantz 2250 is there right now.

  10. Hey Darrell,
    For a point of reference, how much did it cost to refurbish the SX-650 and what, exactly, did they do? What parts were replaced etc. and how many hours of labor did they claim? This would be good info for everyone. Thanks

  11. Hello from Sweden!

    I got one SX-650 today, but it has not the glass i front of the dail, any idea were I can find one spare? It works great and looks great so I just miss that part!
    Hope anyone can help me. /Regards Kenneth Mårtensson. SWEDEN

  12. I have one of these. 35 watts/channel does me just fine. I assume that’s applied to whatever set of speakers you have selected (A or B). Out of curiosity, does anyone know if the output for A+B speaker mode provides 35 wpc to both sets of speakers or 35 wpc total.

  13. I recently acquired 2 Pioneer SX-650 receivers. From two different locations but they have identical issues. No power output to the speakers or earphone’s. Receiver indicates it is getting signal on the FM band but the power meters are unresponsive. All else lights up. Fuses are good. So my question is, did this model have a common failure point that disables the power amps? What Should I look for, I have one apart now and no caps seem swollen nor physically leaking or ruptured. I would like to restore them and bring them back into operation.

  14. I just bought SX650 last night of FB Marketplace for 40 dollars. The fake wood grain cover was replaced with steel for odd reason. Sounds great cleaned it up a bit of dust. Looking to make new wood cover for it. Can’t beat Pioneer.

  15. I got my SX-650 for $5 at an electronics recycling depot. Both the balance control and the on/off switch were broken and the vinyl on the sides was in rough shape. I replaced the controls with original Pioneer units from parts receivers found on eBay and the vinyl on the sides was replaced. The 650 now looks great and the sound is remarkable. This is an excellent receiver and definitely a keeper.

    1. There are quite a few lamp kits on eBay. Just type ‘SX-650 LED lamp kit’ into the search box on eBay and quite a few should pop up. The orignal lamps I think are:
      3 x wedge lamps 8v 300mA (main illumination)
      1 x 4mm 8v 50mA (power)
      1 x 4mm 8v 50mA (stereo)

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