Pioneer SX-1050

Pioneer SX-1050


Another of the silver faced Pioneer line the Pioneer SX-1050 was the little brother to the giant SX-1250 in 1976 and 1977. While it may not necessarily be considered a “Monster” receiver it is close. It weighs in at just over 50 pounds and has many of the features of the top of the line SX-1250.  It’s rated at 120 per channel into 8 ohms as compared to the SX-1250 which was rated at 165 watts per channel. There were some fairly significant differences between the lower end Sx-850, SX-950 and the SX-1050.  The SX-1050 incorporated a large toroidal transformer, a huge power supply with step-start circuit and two large capacitors, a step attenuator volume control, a shielded multi-gang tuning capacitor, and a well improved FM tuning section as well. So, the SX-1050 is really far more comparable to the SX-1250 then it is to the SX-850 and SX-950. It retailed at around $700.00.


Pioneer SX-1050


The Pioneer SX-1050 was eventually replaced by the SX-1080 in 1978.  The SX-1050 can be had for fairly reasonable prices. While the SX-1250 and SX-1980 are icons of the collecting world and therefore command sometimes ridiculously high prices an average SX-1050 in good working condition can be had for $500-$600. A really nice one will bring over $1000. Not bad considering its build quality and performance.

Rare Serviced Vintage Pioneer SX-1050 Stereo Receiver 120 Watts Per Channel

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Pioneer SX-1050 Vintage Stereo AM / FM Receiver; MM Phono (Broken Glass)

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Vintage Pioneer SX-1050 Stereo Receiver -120 Watts per Channel South Gate Calif

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8 thoughts on “Pioneer SX-1050

  1. I still have my SX-1050 from 1976. I bought it at the military exchange in Mildenhall, England for $360.00 (No tax). It is still in use today.

  2. babyboomer. got my sx 1050 new in 1976.still blows up my 4 cerwin vega spks. kenwood equalizer 1978 tames them. great sound! gran kids ( teens) call it prehistoric but bring their cd”s over to jam !

  3. I realize this was written in 2011, however, in 2018/19 you’d be hard pressed to get a 1050for under a grand. I have one pushing original series I Bose 901s from 1968 with a Pioneer 707 RTR and a Technics Sl-10 turntable with original cartridge tetipped last year by Soundsmith. Increible sound all around.

  4. I would agree to some extent. For a really nice, serviced SX-1050 they are definitely over $1000.00. In the last couple months there have been sales of $1395, $1350 and $1180. All for really nice units. But, most of the sales were in the $700-$900 range with about 8 sales in the last couple months. Less than that and you’re looking at models with issues of some sort. A parts model sold for $400. The SX-1050 is a great receiver. Sounds like a nice setup you have. I like the 707 reel to reel. Have one myself.

  5. I love my Pioneer SX-1050!! Really need to find parts for it. Its the best damn stereo I ever had!!! I wouldn’t want any other stereo!!!😊😊😊

  6. I usually won’t settle for 2nd best but in the case of the pioneer SX-1050 vs SX-1250 which is streaming for $1200 to $2300 I found it easy enough to bow down to the 1050 and its 120 wpc and considering it has much of the same features as the 1250 I went all in and walked away with a SX1050 in excellent condition for a bid of $666. It’s in the year 2019 of November and I guess the SX-1250 will have to wait and see how captivating the 1050 becomes before we even start thinking about upgrading..

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