Nikko 7075


Nikko 7075


Mention a Nikko receiver and you'll find opinions on both sides of the aisle with regards to build and sound quality.  Most will agree that they are great looking receivers and they do have a nice clean look to them. In fact they look a little like a Kenwood.  They were made in Japan from about 1976 to 1980 and were intended to be lower priced high margin unit for retailers. In other words you'd go in to the audio store to look at a Pioneer and you'd get led over to the Nikko and they would try to sell you that instead. Happened all the time with house brand audio components as well.

Still, from what I've heard, some of the Nikko receivers really do sound good and will last for years. This is the Nikko 7075.  It puts out 42 watts per channel and retailed at $400.00. It also features:


  • Tone control for Bass and Treble
  • Loudness switch
  • High and Low Filters
  • Inputs for Phono, Tape 1+2
  • Microphone (¼”)
  • Mono
  • Speakers A, B, A/B
  • Capable of 4-channel audio
  • Headphone Jack (¼” Stereo on the Front panel)
  • Dimensions 480 x 160 x 360 mm


Nikko 7075 Dial


As you can see it has a nice blue dial with tuning and signal meters.  It also has click stop potentiometers which is a nice feature. The Nikko's aren't that popular and still aren't consider as equal to the major top brands of the time but they are a good value for someone just entering the vintage audio market.  This Nikko 7075 was in great condition, had been cleaned inside and out and worked perfectly.  It sold for just over $100.00 in March 2012.


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2 thoughts on “Nikko 7075

  1. Found one in the trash last month.
    Changed the dial lamps and replaced the power cord. Built like a tank as are most of the 1970-1980 receivers. Very clean sound and good strong amp. Measured approx 41.65 watts per ch. Specs say 34 wpc but most receivers of this period were rated very conservative.Very nice find!!

  2. I got a Nikko STA 2020 thrown in for free on a speaker deal several years back. I was pretty happy as I remember them from back in the Tech HiFi days. It works like a champ, and was my bench amp right away. Can’t say anything bad about the thing. FM is decent. Sounds great, and has some nice bottom end.

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