Nikko 7075

Nikko 7075

Mention a Nikko receiver and you’ll find opinions on both sides of the aisle with regards to build and sound quality.  Most will agree that they are great looking receivers and they do have a nice clean look to them. In fact they look a little like a Kenwood.  They were made in Japan from about 1976 to 1980 and were intended to be lower priced high margin unit for retailers. In other words you’d go in to the audio store to look at a Pioneer and you’d get led over to the Nikko and they would try to sell you that instead. Happened all the time with house brand audio components as well.

Still, from what I’ve heard, some of the Nikko receivers really do sound good and will last for years. This is the Nikko 7075.  It puts out 42 watts per channel and retailed at $400.00. It also features:

  • Tone control for Bass and Treble
  • Loudness switch
  • High and Low Filters
  • Inputs for Phono, Tape 1+2
  • Microphone (¼”)
  • Mono
  • Speakers A, B, A/B
  • Capable of 4-channel audio
  • Headphone Jack (¼” Stereo on the Front panel)
  • Dimensions 480 x 160 x 360 mm
Nikko 7075 Dial

As you can see it has a nice blue dial with tuning and signal meters.  It also has click stop potentiometers which is a nice feature. The Nikko’s aren’t that popular and still aren’t consider as equal to the major top brands of the time but they are a good value for someone just entering the vintage audio market. 

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16 thoughts on “Nikko 7075

  1. Found one in the trash last month.
    Changed the dial lamps and replaced the power cord. Built like a tank as are most of the 1970-1980 receivers. Very clean sound and good strong amp. Measured approx 41.65 watts per ch. Specs say 34 wpc but most receivers of this period were rated very conservative.Very nice find!!

  2. I got a Nikko STA 2020 thrown in for free on a speaker deal several years back. I was pretty happy as I remember them from back in the Tech HiFi days. It works like a champ, and was my bench amp right away. Can’t say anything bad about the thing. FM is decent. Sounds great, and has some nice bottom end.

  3. I have one of these since new.. got it around 1980 . One bulb blown on the rhs display. However fm ok. .compared with later amps, the sound is very smooth almost bland… So built like a tank is fair comment.

  4. A much better receiver than usually credited. The 7075 — which weighs as much as a moose calf — effortlessly produces warm, lifelike, full range sound (I almost always add a subwoofer, except for baroque music for some reason). Great for Jazz. It is responsive to many speakers layouts and it’s fun to explore it. Mine is restored, and with time I find I play it more and more at the expense of more celebrated brands I own.

    1. The 4 channel adapter is a just a preamp out and an amp in. I use it to drive a DBX EQ. Just set the switch down to 4 channel. If you use the 7075 as a preamp out only and don’t drive the inputs with the switch set to 4 channel, be sure to switch the speakers to off.

      1. Greetings Robert,

        A little confused about the 4/2 channel comment. If switch is set to 4 ch the 7075 is a preamp unit only?

        Also, I have a issue with the tuning mech moving smoothly. I took apart the dial and lubed the shaft. I also sprayed the tuning plates with d5. It has a fishing line as the string, is it supposed to be cloth?

        Anyhow the dial pointer jerks and does not move smoothly.

        Is there any other lube I need to use in the tuning plates?

        Thanks in Advance.

  5. Listening to a Nikko 7075 right now that I purchased in new 1976.
    I’ve never had it cleaned or serviced although I plan to this spring.
    Sounds great. Even after being stored in non-climate controlled barn in CT for five years.
    Purchased a Schitt Audio Modi 3 DAC for digital input. Very good investment.

  6. I bought a Nikko Receiver in 1976. Model 8085. It was the best thing I ever bought and it lasted for years. I am starting to have problems with the volume dial. 45 years and it was used almost every day

  7. I found a Nikko STA-4030 from 1974 with 18 wpc. I really like it. The tuner is very good and the amp has a nice, warm sound that’s enjoyable. I swear I’m hearing certain details in the music I haven’t heard before. It stays cool as well. Inside the layout is uncluttered and the boards are easy to work on. It’s missing a tape monitor switch but I have other receivers I can use for making recordings.

  8. I bought a nr 615 in 1977 love the sound and light display but right side no long works hoping to get it fixed today .

  9. my first stereo in high school was a Nikko TRAM 40LA and tuner. Wanting to be 16 again I started spinning records last January and last month I picked up a recapped 7075 with led lights. Very thrilled with it. Thankful that it showed up and I was able to aquire it.

  10. i have the 6065 and it sounds great , i actually sold a marantz reciever i had and replaced it with the nikko , the bottom end is way better and they push my kg 5.5 great

  11. I have a NR- 1415 I bought in 1980, it’s been in dry storage for the last 15 years. My son just recently got it out and instantly fried his little Fischer speakers… everything seems to work fine, the volume knob is a little scratchy sometimes. I see online that this is one of the “bigger” power receivers ever made. I wonder what it’s worth these days and what the best way to market it would be.
    Thanks, St. Louis, mo.

    1. Hey , thats a good one to pull out of storage , I have quite a few nikkos now , a NA-850 , 6065 , and NR-750 , im not sure what the 1415 would be selling for , they are actually pretty hard to find , 175 watts rms , the thing is a beast , if you do want to sell it , I would be into trying to work something out with you.

      1. Nikko made great stuff. I have a Nikko 9095 I been using for a couple of months after being in the closet for many years. I’m a Sansui fan but this Nikko keeps up with them. ?

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