Mitsubishi DA-R10

Mitsubishi DA-R10

This Mitsubishi DA-R10 is a unique receiver from the early 1980’s.  It’s moderately powered with 40 watts per channel and has analog signal and tuning meters as well as tuning dial. The tuning dial is interesting in that it is hemispherical.  The DA-R10 retailed for around $390.

Mitsubishi DA-R10

It’s interesting that the receiver utilized analog components at a time when most other manufacturers had, or were, switching to digital displays. The receiver still is a nice looking unit and reminds me a little of a power amp probably because of the curved tuning dial and rack handles. It’s not actually rack mountable but the handles give it a more professional look.

Mitsubishi DA-R10 Left

The DA-R10 measures 18.5 x 6.7 x 16.1 inches. The case is wood grain vinyl veneer.

Mitsubishi DA-R10 Right

Some of the other features are:

  • Inputs: 2 tape loops, tuner, phono, aux
  • Tone bypass
  • Speaker selector for A and/or B, mono/stereo,
  • High filter and low filter
  • Variable loudness
  • Tuner section has High Blend, IF Band narrow/wide, Muting, and Band Selector switch.
Mitsubishi DA-R10 Back

Overall a unique and interesting receiver from one of the less popular audio manufacturers of the time. I wouldn’t say they are popular with collectors so they don’t sell for a lot.

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6 thoughts on “Mitsubishi DA-R10

      1. As petty as this argument is, especially to get to the extent of name-calling, I own this receiver and Bob is right. The tuning dial is circular (or at least very nearly, since it does stop at each end).
        It’s the window showing the dial that is hemispherical.

        1. Pettiness on pettiness: Yes, the tuning dial is circular. But it isn’t a sphere, which is 3-dimensional. To be *hemispherical* it would have to be 3D, like a ball compass from days of old. The DA-R10 tuning dial is flat, and is displayed in a *semicircle* (semicircular window, to be exact).

          Flat-earthers, you may want to jump in but stay cool, we’ve got it covered. :^P

  1. ik wil meer weten over dat ding en meer
    is dat een gewoon radio of een wereld ontvanger
    laat mij dat even weten
    en waar kun je die kopen
    en hoe duur is het

    i want to know more about that thing and more
    is that an ordinary radio or a world receiver
    let me know
    and where can you buy it
    and how expensive is it

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