Marantz 4300

The Marantz 4300 Quadradial was one step down from the Marantz 4400 Quadradial.  It is a 2 channel or 4 channel receiver with built in Dolby B Noise Reduction. It also has an optional plugin for and SQ decoder. In 4 channel mode it is rated at 40 watts per channel.  In a 2 channel setup it is rated at 100 watts per channel. I believe it was first produced in 1972 and ended production in 1978. It listed at $899.95.

The Marantz 4300 has inputs for Phono, FM, AM, 2 tapes sources, and an external discrete 4-channel source.

The Mode knob can switch between Mono, 2-channel, Discrete, Vari-Matrix, and SQ Decoder modes. When using the Vari-Matrix mode the Dimension knob allows fine tuning of the four channels “surround” effect.

The Marantz 4300’s can sell from around $200 for a parts or poor condition unit up to $600 for a unit in excellent working condition. Apparently the 4300 would also work with the Marantz RC4 remote control.  It also used the WC-43 wood case.

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4 thoughts on “Marantz 4300

  1. I had the 4300 from 1976ish and it was absolutely great. I have a relative who purchased the same 4300 receiver and past about 2 months after the purchase. It was never used after his passing Ms is still in pristine condition along with his Teac 4 channel deck, Technic turntable, cassette deck… quality.

  2. The marantz 4300 along with every other hi end receiver has jumped up in price dramatically!! A 4300 in great shape can command 1300.00 a 4400 can bring up to 3000.00 it may be supply in demand or nostalgic high!!for now.the more baby boomers that pass away prices may fall all this old equipment is heavy ,the young generation look more for portable means.just my 2cents worth.

  3. They sometimes have problems with the transistors on the tone control board. There are modern substitute devices but you need a dozen or so.

    But a very pretty machine but you have to be happy with 40 wpc. Mine was sketchy when I tried bridging channels. Nice warm Marantz house sound.

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