Luxman R-1120

Luxman R-1120

This the beautifully styled Luxman R-1120 receiver. As you can see it has a nice symmetrical design and beautiful wood veneer case. Introduced in 1976 this was Luxman’s top of the line unit until it was discontinued in 1979. It had a retail price of $995.00. There was apparently also an R-1120A that came out near the end of the production run that had some revisions made to it as well. The R-1120 had discrete power transistors while the R-1120A did not.

  • Speaker Outputs: 2 x 2 Speakers
  • Phones
  • Continuous Power 4Ω: 175 + 175 Watts
  • Continuous power 8Ω: 120 + 120 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 15-70,000 (-1 dB) HZ
  • THD .003%
  • Discrete power transistors

From the Luxman brochure:

The Luxman R-1120 is the long awaited advent of super powered ‘tuner-amplifier’ from Luxman.

It has a giant power output of 120W per channel, truly useful and equally eye catching LED peak indicators allowing easy reading of instantaneous output power level, and 3 pairs of speaker terminals, one of which is specially designed for exclusive use with such low impedance loudspeakers as electrostatic types which have been gaining remarkable popularity among discerning audiophiles.

A Luxman R-1120 recently sold (6-22-2011) for $400.00. It was in excellent cosmetic and working condition. They generally sell for around $1000 in 2023.

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9 thoughts on “Luxman R-1120

  1. Gorgeous receiver with a beautiful wood cabinet and massive wpc output. A vintage thing of beauty.

    Wonder how one would classify the Luxman sound.

    I’ve read the pioneers have high treble, while the marantz/harman kardon’s are very warm and ‘tube’ like.


  2. Luxman sound? It really depends on the model you are talking about. The R1120 is a great unit with the “old” Luxman sound as far as the transistor Luxmans go. I have one and I love it. Later in their history LV117, LV115 etc were amps with early D/A converters. These are what some term the Apline Luxman era. Fast, strong and a little dry as opposed to the old Luxman stuff. The LV 105 U was halfway in between the two “sounds”
    My pic’s include the L 530, L100 and SQ38 in the affordable range.
    I hope that helps a little. I do say buy with caution, meaning have a good technician who can replace caps etc.

  3. I have a R-1120 A Luxman which I bought brand new in 1986. I still use it in my garage with a pair of Serwin-Vega. The music is as crystal as the Sony receiver I have inside the house.

    1. A R 1120 in the garage i wish i had the money to not use the R1120 as myq main amplifier,it plays like nothing i have ever heard with a pair B&W 803 it was Unreal,i now it is an old post,i hope you still have that wonderfully recieved
      Regards Tonni

  4. I have the 1979 R1120. It’s completely refurbished and it sounds great with new Linn Majik 109 bookshelves. The lows and high frequencies are accurate and natural. The mids are unreal. I bought the Luxman for $450 yrs ago but I’ve noticed they’re going for hundreds more if you can find a clean one. I plan on holding on to mine.

  5. I grew up with this receiver and it was hooked up to a pair of Altec Lansing Model 19’s. I always thought it had a nice balance of highs and mids, but the low end when matched with the Altecs was a thing of beauty. Only trouble spot on these was timed power switch, which went out on this unit 3 times over a period of 20 years.

  6. I have a question: I have owned my LUXMEN R-1120 since 1978…SN 17200203a I am now having a problem with the 6A-125V fuse under the top grill next to the transformer keeps blowing. Has this happened to anyone, and if so what was the fix?

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