Harman Kardon 330B

Harman Kardon 330B Faceplate

The Harman Kardon 330B was a modest offering from the company. It was designed as a budget receiver that still produced hi-fi level sound. It produces 18 watts per channel so if you want to shake your foundation then it’s probably not for you. However, for a low end, budget minded receiver it produces some really nice sound and sold for only $199 when introduced.

Harman Kardon 330B Dial

The 330B was introduced around 1973, followed by the 330C, and was somewhat of a staple for many years.  You’ll find many people who still own and rave about their 330B and many others who regret selling their 330B. That should tell you something about their performance. They are very minimalist in their design. A simple red power button, black switches, and corrugated knobs run across the front. The tuning knob is only slightly larger than the other knobs. The split front panel with brushed aluminum bottom and black glass top give it a different look. An optional walnut cabinet was also available.

Harman Kardon 330B Back Panel

The 330B is a really well built receiver for it price. It weighs about 21 pounds and measures 15 3/8″ W x 13″ D x 4 1/2″ H.

Harman Kardon 330B Inside

While many audio manufacturers of the time insisted that the human ear couldn’t hear below 20 Hz and above 20 kHz Harman Kardon felt differently. They specifically designed their amplifier circuitry to reproduce frequencies well below and above these alleged limitations.

Harman Kardon 330B Ad

The Harman Kardon 330B was manufactured as a lower end budget receiver and most stereos of that type don’t sell for much these days. But, the 330b holds its own.

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26 thoughts on “Harman Kardon 330B

  1. Harman Kardon 330A and 330B are made by Japanese ROTEL factory ! I have a 330C and 430 which are different , but probably also came from the same factory. Well done.

  2. I’m stoked! Just scored a 330B in great condition for 10$@ thrift store and love the feel of its sound. Am looking to know more about it’s pre amp functions. Is this where I could tie in an equaliser?

  3. I just got an HK 330b from an estate related gift. It needed a fuse which I installed and I am using it to play records and vintage casette (NAD 6340 tape deck) through vintage advent speakers. I’m very happy with this vintage setup and an audio fuss pot so that says a lot for this unit. I’ve owned conrad johnson and magnepan in my high flying past but there is truly something special about older gear.

  4. The HK 330b was my first stereo receiver. I used it with Pioneer HPM100 speakers and both were stellar performers. I miss those days!

  5. Bought in 73 along with a pair of cerwin Vega Speakers saw me thru the 70’s and 80’s and mid 90’s One of the Best Purchases i have made in my Lifetime along with a W 123 240 D a Campagnolo Record equipped bicycle and a 5 G Hoover Vacuum Cleaner ( the last 3 items to this day you can take apart and replace every part ) It still is a loved receiver along with a host of other current and classic Harman Kardon Equipment

  6. I picked up an HK 330B for $50 at my local swap meet. I took it in for a cleaning and the tech told me the receiver is in top condition. It has a full, rich sound and easily drives a new pair of Elac UB5 speakers. The tuner section of this receiver is a standout feature.

  7. I have the 330B my dad bought new
    (he’s still alive and in pretty good shape at this writing, 2018 Jan 15).

    This receiver has needed only a couple of replacement lamps
    and some control cleaner to keep working and sounding like new.

    I did find and install a pair of pushbutton speaker terminals
    that fit Exactly where the screw terminals were (a great convenience)
    so no holes had to be drilled or even enlarged.

    This is the most worthy entry-level receiver ever made.

      1. 2023 Dec.11:
        The one terminal strip I know that fits is the GC 33-1404. I’m not sure they are still being made (probably not),
        but Jameco Electronics has some for a good price and I just ordered enough to last me a long time.

  8. I bought a 330 B, a pair of small Advents, and a turntable in Cambridge with my student loan money. The right channel went out, so…mono for a while until I found another 330 B at a Goodwill, also with a blown right channel. They are stacked together, quite handsomely, and I have stereo again.

    I met Henry Kloss while visiting Advent. My brush with fame.

  9. I was looking at a computer that said HK speakers and looked up HK on Wikipedia and saw the receiver. I was taken back to my childhood when my father had this hooked up to a turntable and tape deck and some pretty good speakers. I am trying to remember if the bass and treble were able to split one way and the other, but happy to see this receiver. I had forgotten what it looked like till now. As a boy it was a heavy receiver to lift up but very sturdy.

  10. where can i buy a nice HK 330B in excellent to one with easily fixable problems conditions? I got one for 8th grade school. It got it auctioned away from me and I’ve always missed it ever since. had a direct wheel turn table-solid like a rock. also had some surprisingly good small Fisher speakers: all back in 1974. if you can help me I’d be most obliged.

  11. Those rocker switches on the left side were common to the entire Roland line of department store faceplates made from 1967 to 1970.

    Martel, Rolecor, Allied, and Belcor all had similar layouts.

  12. I just scored a 330B and a 330A with blown fuses. I want matching Amps for the Pre-amp outs. I have a more modern HK PA-2100 that I’m gonna try when I replace the woofers on some baby Advents, but I’m not sure if it’s the right amp or era. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  13. Great article. I’m coming into this a bit sideways, on account of not owning a 330-series h/k, but a receiver that I recently acquired, and literally only yesterday discovered is a *very* close relative of the 330B/C the Soundcraftsmen 2000A. While trying to look up info on this receiver (scant, to put it gently), I came across at least two discussions regarding the origin of Soundcraftsmen’s receivers, as it seemed clear they were manufactured elsewhere (as opposed to most of the company’s other components at the time). In both discussions, people pointed out the uncanny similarities between the 2000A and h/k’s 330B and C models. I looked up photos of the back panels of the receivers, and sure enough, they’re close to dead-ringers. Front controls are fairly similar in placement, with a few obvious cosmetic and functional changes for the sake of differentialization. My 2000A is in immaculate condition, with sound quality to match. Nice to know it has a pretty solid, if somewhat stealthy pedigree.

  14. What bookshelf speaker would you recommend around the $500 mark for this receiver? I am looking at KEF Q350 and Quadral Ascent 20 LE at the moment, not sure if they would be a good pairing for the power from this amp.

  15. I bought my HK 330B on a payment plan (no interest) along with a pair of KLH model 23 speakers, with money from a summer job back in the 70s. I still have the speakers and would love to have that receiver again. I sent it in for a blown channel once, and eventually it went out again, so I moved on.

    1. I have a hk 330B you can have just pay the shipping. It works perfect. I just dug it out of my storage. It’s got the wood cab on it too.

  16. I just finished the joy of opening a NOS 330B I have owned for about 35 years. The thrill of opening what is essentially a 50 year old BRAND NEW UNIT is undescribable! All worked perfectly, as it should. Nothing needed to get it in shape. BIG GRIN!

  17. Can anyone please let me know how to distinguish the 330B from the 330C?
    My HK doesn’t have the model number with the letter indicated. I do see on the back right lower corner the
    BS-3C – was that the only place to find the model number? Also, what was the difference between the two?

    1. You probably have the 330 then (not the A, B, or C). The A, B, and C versions all have the letter next to the Harman Kardon 330 name at the top left of the front panel. ie. 330A, 330B, and 330C. Visually the 330, 330A, and 330B all have toggle switches on the left of the front panel for the speaker and source controls. The 330C changed to pushbuttons.

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