Grundig RTV 600

Grundig RTV 600

This Grundig RTV 600 was a late 1960’s model manufactured by the German company Grundig.  Grundig was started by Max Grundig in 1945 in Fuerth Germany just after the end of the war. By the 1960’s the company was producing a number of radio and TV models.  In 1967 they introduced their first Hi-Fi receiver the Grundig RTV 600.

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These older Grundig radios are primarily popular among radio collectors as opposed to vintage receiver collectors but they definitely still have their place in audio history.

Grundig RTV 600

This particular unit incorporated AM, FM, SW, and LW. It is 23.6L x 5.9H x 12.2D inches and weighs roughly 25 pounds and is all solid state.  Quite a few of these radios were made by Grundig so they are not rare. There are quite a few other models such as the RTV 340, RTV 901, RTV 700 and RTV 650. A unit in excellent working condition would probably sell for over $200.00.

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