Fisher 800C

This is the Fisher 800C tube receiver. The 800c and 500c are considered by some to be a couple of the best receivers ever made.  The 800c and 500c are similar except that the 800c has AM as well as FM. The AM feature added an extra $40 to the list price so many people purchased the 500c instead.  Nowadays the 800c is the harder of the two to find. It had a list price of  $449.50 back in 1963.

The 800c put out 35 watts per channel. It utilized the 7591 output tubes and 12ax7 tubes in the preamp. It also featured:

  • Backlit analog tuning dial
  • Weighted flywheel tuning knob
  • Bass, Treble and balance controls
  • Signal strength meter
  • 4 gang tuning section
  • MPX filter
  • Loudness switch
  • High and low filter switches
  • Inputs for Aux, Tape and Phono
  • Front panel headphone jack
  • A, B and A+B speaker settings

The 800C sell for between $500 and $900 depending upon condition.

Available on eBay

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