Fisher 1800

Fisher 1800 Front

This Fisher 1800 FM – AM Multiplex Receiver is fairly rare. It is basically the same as the Fisher 800C but with slightly different cosmetics. The front panel is two toned as opposed to the single color 800C panel. During the late 60’s the first solid state gear started hitting the market and the tube gear was becoming more difficult to sell. So, the marketing brains at Fisher decided to spiff up the remaining 800C’s by changing the faceplate and model number. In short, the 1800 is basically an 800C with a half black faceplate.

Fisher 1800 Side

Unfortunately for Fisher they didn’t actually sell very many of the 1800 receivers so that is why they are so rare these days. There are even rumors that the 500C was remodeled as well into a 1500. But, I have not seen one so I’m not sure it’s true.

Fisher 1800 Top

As with most Fisher receivers it’s difficult to pinpoint production dates for a particular receiver. Most likely the 1800 was produced around 1968 or 1969. By 1971 the Fisher catalog had no tube gear listed whatsoever.

The Fisher 1800 puts out 30 watts per channel and has a built in MPX-65 decoder. It weighs approximately 45 pounds and measures 7.5″x 18.5″ x 16″.

Fisher 800T Back

Cosmetics are a big factor in the value of these units. Many times the front faceplate and chassis will have corrosion which hurts the value. Also, re-tubing these units can be expensive so if the original tubes are bad or not up to spec then factor that into any assessment of value as well.

A nice clean Fisher 1800 is a fine example of late sixties tube gear just before the major transition into solid state electronics. The color scheme incorporating earthtones and gold knob caps was pretty common back then.

Fisher 1800 Badge

As I mentioned above the 1800 is pretty rare and Fisher tube receivers are very popular as it is so the 1800 can sell for a high price in good working condition. The Fisher shown here sold in June 2013 for $1500 and was professionally tested, fully functional and cosmetically clean.

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8 thoughts on “Fisher 1800

  1. I just took my Fisher 1800 to HiFi Heaven in Falls Church VA. It worked fine but I was told to have them replace the rectifier and some of the capacitors. Is that correct?

    1. Probably not a bad idea. Those original caps can fail and cause major problems. Not sure about the rectifier. If it tests good then it should be fine. I’m sure they can test the tubes to see if they meet spec. That’s a hard to find receiver so it’s probably worth having a pro check it out.

  2. The 1800 had a Multiple Voltage Power Transformer that allowed 110-120 and 220-240V operation, vs. the 800c which had a 110-120V transformers. Most all of the 1800’s were purchased at overseas PX and Navy Exchange to servicemen in S.E. Asia and Japan. So far serial numbers collected on AK indicate that approx 1000 were built in the 51000 series. Other than the paint job on the front panel and the transformer, the 1800 is an 800c.

    For Mike Peters.
    Chances are that FISHER may have built the 1800 with a SIEMENS selenium rectifier which should be replaced by a 4A 400V silicon bridge rectifier to maintain bias voltage in the specified range.

  3. I have a recently sorted out Fisher 1800 in excellent condition. This unit was completely gone thru by a professional vintage repair center. I am considering selling it . I am located in the Atlanta area.

  4. I just picked up a Fisher 1800 purchased by a serviceman in Taiwan and it is number 52004. This unit will be for sale as soon as I have my Tech give it a once over.

  5. A vintage audio expert mentioned to me several years ago that there are less than 30 of the 1800 models in existence, I’ve only ever seen one other on ebay and that was years ago.

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