Marantz 2265B

Marantz 2265B


Aesthetically the Marantz 2265B was one of their most well balanced receivers. Everything just seems really well proportioned and laid out well. The 2265B was made from 1977 until 1979 and is a great mid range receiver. It puts out 65 watts per channel and retailed for $580.00. It is basically a redesign of the 2265 and has slightly better distortion numbers as well so there are probably some slight circuitry differences too.


Marantz 2265B Left


You can see the design differences between the 2265 and 2265B in these pictures. The 2265 below has a black dial face while the 2265B has a silver face. You’ll also notice the balance control on the 2265 is a slider while on the 2265B it’s a knob.


Marantz 2265


Another aspect that is different is the meter backlighting on the 2265B. You can see below that the meters on the 2265 are fully backlit while the meters on the 2265B have only the gauge cutout backlit.


Marantz 2265 Meters Marantz 2265B Meters









I have to say that I prefer the 2265B over the 2265 but I don’t think there is a significant difference in the sound quality between the two receivers. I just prefer the look of the B version but the 2265 does have a nice symmetrical look to it with the slider in the middle.


Marantz 2265B Right


The B version of the 2265 also has the Dolby decoder option.


Marantz 2265B Inside


Marantz build quality was very good up until the sale to Philips in 1980 after which cheaper components were used and quality went down. The 1970’s Marantz receivers are one of the most sought after brands amongst audio collectors next to Pioneer.


Marantz 2265B Back


The 2265B, and 2265 for that matter, are very popular among collectors because they perform very well, look great and are reasonably priced. Prices do vary quite a bit but a decent working 2265B can be had for just over $300.00. Of course, a fully restored, pristine example can sell for over $800.00.


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