Carver MXR-2000

Carver MXR-2000

Ok, I’ll admit that some of Carver’s technology sounds like something out of a Star Trek movie. Magnetic Field Amplifiers (MFA). Sonic Holography (SH). Asymmetrical Charge-Coupled FM Detector (ACCD). Huh?

Nonetheless, Bob Carver is known for making great amplifiers and, in this case, a receiver. The Carver MXR-2000 , also known as The Carver Receiver 2000,  is part of ‘The Receiver’ line from Carver. It started when Bob Carver designed no model number The Carver Receiver which in time became the MXR-130 and had 130 watts per channel. Next in line was the MXR-150 which was just an upgraded MXR-130 and had 150 watts per channel.  Then along came the MXR-900 and the MXR-2000.

Carver MXR-2000 Left

The MXR-2000 can power most any speakers with 200 watts per channel and its above mentioned Asymmetrical Charge-Coupled FM Detector technology results in excellent FM tuning and separation. The Sonic Holography technology is said to give music extreme detail and soundstage. I believe the MXR-130 and MXR-150 both incorporated the ACCD and MFA technology while the SH tech was added in the MXR-900 and MXR-2000. The MFA technology reduced the need for large transformers and filter capacitors which resulted in a lighter receiver then you might expect for the power output.

Carver MXR-2000 Right

While Carver receivers are known for their technology they are also known to have reliability issues. You’ll find many threads on audio forums pertaining to the repair of Carver receivers. Still, they aren’t too difficult to fix as the problems are mostly well known. Many vintage receivers will need work at one time or another and some of them just aren’t worth the time or expense. The Carver receivers are, for the most part, worth it. In fact, I’ve seen repair kits on eBay specifically for the Carver receiver line. Hot running resistors, bad solder connections and plastic switching components are all weak spots in the Carver receivers. The MXR-2000 is known for the bad solder joints on the main board.

Carver MXR-2000 Side

While the MXR-2000 did have a more modern look from the front it still had wood side panels that now give it a classic vintage feel. Carver has a pretty loyal following so his receivers and amps usually sell for good prices. The MXR-2000 sells for anywhere between $400.00 and $600.00 with parts units reaching $100.00. If you can find one that’s already been serviced and had its weak links fixed then that is the way to go.

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9 thoughts on “Carver MXR-2000

  1. Ive had three Carver receivers, and a S/D 360 CD player serviced by Roland at Hi Tech Audio, Gresham OR. He does great work on all Carver stuff, fixing or replacing all know issues when you send it in for whatever is wrong with your piece. Give him a call.

  2. I bought my 2000 receiver in 1985 and have only had three service calls since (this year is 2018). It is in the shop right now because the on/off switch failed, but how many iterations can have occurred in 33 years? The sound through Norman Lab speakers is superior

    1. Great set up Carver and Norman Labs I have a 6250 and Norman Lab 10s most days or the oddball open baffles of My own weird design. I hired on to work for Norman Labs about two months before Norman Labs decided to move from Norman Oklahoma to Hope Arkansas,,,,,,,,,,,,,isn’t Klipsch based in Hope Arkansas. from Shawnee Oklahoma

  3. I am looking for a service facility in the Greater New Orleans area for my Carver MXR-2000 which has been diagnosed with a bad FM mpx chip.

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