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Bose Spatial Control Receiver

Bose Spatial Control Receiver

Well, Bose may not be known for their receivers but this is one nice looking stereo! This is the Bose Spatial Control Receiver which doesn’t seem to have a model number on it but I believe it is considered model 551. It puts out 100 watts per channel and has a built in EQ for the Bose 901 series IV speakers. Bose also made a model 550 that had a built in EQ as well but only sported 40 watts per channel and had no spatial control.

Bose Spatial Control Receiver

Here you can see the slider knobs used to control the EQ for the speakers. The front of the receiver has a flip down panel to access the controls.  Also, the power switch is on the back of the unit and when it is on you can still turn the unit on and off by touching the Bose logo on the front of the unit.

These Bose receivers aren’t that common and it’s probably due to the fact that not that many were sold. The sales copy explanation behind how the “spatial” effect worked was somewhat complicated and, of course, they were really designed to work with the Bose 901 speakers (though they could work with any speakers). So, may customers probably opted for a more simple solution to their audio needs. Nonetheless, these receivers do sell for decent amounts of money. In fact, if you’re a Bose fan then one of these units is probably a necessity.  I’ve seen fairly average condition Bose 551’s sell for over $300.00 and one in very good condition sold for around $500.00.

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  1. Hello, I just came in possession of a 551 Bose Spatial Receiver. And I believe the previous owner told me years ago that he left channel was flakey and had went bad some time back. His wife and mine work together, and she just gave the my wife to give to me. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get hold of a schematic or a service manual for it?

  2. I’d hopefully like to add a small correction/clarification. I’ve written quite a bit about this fine receiver (and own several of them) and would like to point out the unit is the “Bose Spatial Control Receiver Model 108787”. The Model 108787 definitely had an original version (considered a Series 1 though not marked so) and then also a “Series 2” later produced and quite possibly a Series 3 (though I’ve only seen one single photo of one).

    Lee of NJ

    1. Thanks Lee! I appreciate the information. I’ve never seen one of these “live” but it sure is a fine looking receiver. You don’t hear much about Bose receivers as it seems their speakers hog all the publicity.

  3. I had the privilege of enjoying the 551 Spatial Control Receiver and a set of 901s that my best friend bought in the early 80s. I’ve inherited the receiver and just found a pair of 901s with blown out surrounds on the drivers. Anxious to get it running again and enjoy the crisp sound that the system used to produce. If you haven’t had the pleasure, take the opportunity if it comes. I haven’t heard a better system.

    1. I haven’t heard the 551 receiver but I have heard the 901’s. It’s quite a job to refoam all those drivers but can definitely be done with some patience. I’ve seen the foam kits on eBay for about $40 and people that will refoam them for you for about $200.

  4. I have a bose spatial-control receiver . Looking in Toronto Canada for a repair person for this type of receiver and 901 speakers. Can anyone help me?? thanx!

  5. hey guys i just got an SCR myself …can’t wait to get it all dialed in maybe we can share about it .. my current 501 ‘s w/ harman kardon sound sweet.

  6. hey lee and all , i took my scr all apart and throroughly cleaned and lubed it. time consuming but not difficult. i took 11 internal pics. i found two things that i can also do to help it a little more. however the two shops in mpls. will not touch it and don’t want to talk about it anymore.although i got two helpful tips from one tech. he knows ALL about it but does not want to share.(too busy). he mentioned there are about 50,000 eletrolytic compacitors that all need replaced. great. i’m running it now with 501’s and HK-CDR 20 i like it.sure wish i could afford some nice series-4,901’s.hek i’d refoam and rewire old ones. let me know if you all want pics. gypsy

  7. I am a original owner of the bose spatial receiver with owners manual. Speakers were replaced with new 501’s, if any one has any interest E-mail me with a serious offer. Still great sounding.

    thanks Ed

  8. Im interested in getting a spacial receiver. I have the 901 series 4, a set of 100J and 701 series 4. I have them running on a ReVox b285 but I would like to experience the spatial effect. Thanks!

  9. I bought my Bose SCR & a pair of 901s when new in 1979. Now have 4 901s to complete the set. Also have the matching Bose Spatial Expander that only works with the SCR & 4 901s. It controls a mild signal delay to the second set of 901s.
    Assuming you find an SCR in good shape, you will not be disappointed.

  10. I have a Bose Spacial control receiver I purchased new in 1979, it is in good condition, could use some TLC but works fine. would like to sell it to someone who would appreciate it. Make offer.

  11. Hey Hernando, if you have the schematic for the 550, I would really appreciate it. I bought this off ebay and it had a blown channel and DC voltage on it. I replaced all caps but it was no better. Tested the outputs and one side has 2 bad finals and there is another bad transistor on the board. Unfortunately to do my testing I used some cheap speakers and they are fried now due to the DC. I think I can get one side running now but really could use a schematic. Anyone?? Thanks

  12. HI guys,

    I bought SCR but it is not working properly: it stays on most of the time and just without any sort of intervention on the buttons is stars switching on /off. Sometimes it recovers itself after 10-20 sec., sometimes it doesn’t and I have to switch it off from the button on the rear. Does anyone have any idea how to solve the problem? Hernando, would you please help me with schematics?


  13. James, If you still have the Bose spatial receiver I would be interested in it. Thanks in advance. Is it the 100 amp per channel model?

  14. i have a bose model #108787 does not turn on but its in great shape.before i open it up is there anybody that would like to pick it up .im taking all offers

  15. I am looking for a Bose 551, working or not, if anybody is looking to sell. I pickup two pair of 901’s IV and have just finished re-foaming them. Would love to hear them hooked to a 551.

  16. Hi,
    I just found out that this huge speaker that I have been carrying around for years is an original Bose 2201. The serial number on it is 55.if anyone is interested, or can suggest where would be the best place for me to find out the value or suggest the best place where I could sell it I would appreciate it

    1. Wow, that’s a rare speaker. It was made in 1966 and I think it was Bose’ first speaker. They didn’t make very many. A pair was on eBay about 5 or 6 years ago for $2700 but they didn’t sell. So, as to the value I don’t know. You could wait until another one comes up on eBay and see what it sells for. Or maybe Audiogon. That’s about the only way to really tell. You could always list it on eBay yourself on auction and see what you get. Use a reserve if you don’t want to sell it below a certain price. I’m not sure but I think they came in pairs (or quads) and had a EQ with them as well.

  17. Thanks for the reply
    I was thinking about selling it on eBay but I didn’t even know what to start the asking price or set the reserve at
    I checked with audiogon and they’re blue book and they have noticed things so I’m kind of up in the air as to what to even start a price at
    I called Bose Direct they said I could pick any consumer home theater system they had in exchange for the speaker but they couldn’t offer me cash LOL
    I think that this might be better than any homeentertainment system if they could offer me but I’m not sure
    I have never hooked it up before going to do that tonight wish me luck

  18. I have a Bose Spatial Control Receiver. Ive had it for years and used it with 901 XI’s . I cant imagine a better sounding system. I haven’t used it in years (since I Moved) . I just hooked it up and it still works, but am getting nothing out of the left channels. The balance slide seems sticky, so maybe thats all.
    I have both of the user and owners manuals, with the flip down panel like the receiver. I would be interested in selling. anybody?

  19. I also have inherited a bose spatial Reciever with 4 901 series VI Direct reflecting speakers and the two 901 equalizers for the four speakers. I’ve hooked them up and they are a joy to listen to. Still have original manual as well and I’m willing to sell. I’m in the Columbus Ohio Area if you’re interested!

  20. I have a 551 for sale. I’m the original owner and have original manuals. I don’t know what a good asking price is. It is in very good to mint cond.

  21. 702- 752- 7609
    I have
    $ 600. 1 – Spatial Control Receiver


    $500 1 – SET OF 901 VI SERIES SPEAKERS

    $300 1 – SET OF 901 IV SERIES SPEAKERS

  22. I just picked up the 901s 4 there mint but need the eq or that reicever my phone is 772 940 3107 if any one of you have it for sale thank you so much

  23. I have a set of Bose series VI speakers (no stands) with the EQ and a Bose spatial control receiver which appears to be the 551. Years ago a Bose rep helped me replace my original series V speakers due to defective cone material (foam). The lighting inside the receiver is out. I’m in Atlanta. Makean offer for a package deal? I can photograph if someone’s interested

  24. I bought a Bose 901 series III speaker part 1 with the Eq, Looking for part 2 speaker. I have been told that part 1 and part 2 labeled on the speaker only comes into play if you use the Spatial Receiver. So can I have two part 1 speakers or do I need a part 1 and 2 for it to sound right?

  25. I’m the original owner of a Bose Spatial Control Receiver purchased May 14 1980. This is the 100 watt version.
    This receiver is in MINT condition. Last used about 10 years. I’ve had is in a box stored in my garage for 10 years. It works. It comes with the original sales and owners manual. I also have the service manual, printed. New I paid $650 in 1980. I may even have the receipt if I dig deep. I sold the 901’s speakers years ago but kept the receiver. No scratches or water stains.
    Located in Grover Beach. (the posted picture is off the internet)
    Due to scams. Please respond with your phone number I will respond ASAP.
    Please read this: Please respond with your phone number I will respond ASAP.
    Please respond with your phone number I will respond ASAP

  26. Good to see that there are so many enthusiast.

    I have one to sell with a Series III 901 speakers (with stand included and carefully refoamed) … the whole pack would be around 800 USD

    The downside that I am located in Hungary ….

    As I have several Bose 901 speakers … I do not need anymore the SCR ….


  27. I have a Bose Spacial Control Receiver and a set of 901 Series iii speakers. Does anyone know if I have to use the seperate EQ or is one built into the Receiver?

  28. Hi I’m stefan from Seattle wa, I have a super rare Bose model # 108787 series #3. There’s a lot of these bose amplifiers around the problem is there is not any of the series 3 models around I actually have one of these amplifiers it powers on but I can’t get any sound out of the amplifier it used to work great about 10 years ago not sure if I want to sell it or not but I definitely would like to get it repaired but for the right price she could be for sale but it’s in bad shape if interested I can send you pics for proof that the series 3 exists 2065134844

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