Acoustic Research AR Model R

AR Model R


This is a nice Acoustic Research Model R receiver.  It’s style shows a little from the 60’s and a hint in to the 70’s. Of course, it was manufactured in the early 70’s and retailed for around $450.00.  It’s a fine example of simple and utilitarian function in a design that is pleasing to the eye. It’s an FM only receiver, puts out 60 watts per channel into 4 ohms and was one of the first direct coupled solid state amps.  As you may already know AR was known mostly for their speakers. This receiver was designed to be paired with their 4 ohm speakers such as the AR3A and AR2ax speakers. Some of the specs are:


  • FET front end with 4-section capacitor
  • Multisection crystal IF filter
  • IC IF amplfiers
  • 2uV sensitivity
  • Self-resetting thermostatic circuit breakers in both channels
  • Tape monitor
  • Speaker-headphone switch



AR Model R Left


The small meter on the right side of the dial is the Center channel tuning meter.  To the left of that is the Stereo Indicator light. It has outputs for a tape recorder, center channel, headphone and 4-16 ohm speakers.


AR Model R Right


The front panel consists of:

  • Phono/FM/Special selector knob
  • Ganged Bass and Treble tone controls
  • Mono/Null/Stereo selector knob
  • Volume Control
  • Tuning Control
  • Normal/Tape Selector Switch
  • Normal/Hush Off Switch
  • Speakers/Headphones Selector Switch
  • Headphone Jack


The “Null” setting would reverse the signal of one channel and feed it back into both channels.  The AR Model R measures 17-1/4″ W x 6″ H x 1.


AR Model R Top


While the Model R’s are very nice looking receivers they do have a reputation for being problematic. Early versions had issues with the bias pots overheating and causing the output transistors to fry.  AR made some modifications to later versions to remedy the problem. Still, if you’re looking to buy one be aware that if it hasn’t already been fully serviced it most likely will need to be.


AR Model R Back


The Acoustic Research Model R receivers bring pretty high dollars on the auction market. I’m not exactly sure why but I’ve seen parts units sell for over $300.00. Fully functional units in great condition can sell for $800.00 and up. So, obviously there is demand for these receivers even though their performance may not be up to par with other high end equipment. They do make a nice looking pairing with AR speakers and an AR turntable I suppose.

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  1. I have one of the AR receivers and it’s condition is as good as the one pictured here. Will sell for $500

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