ClassicReceivers.com was built for the vintage audio enthusiast.  It contains posts on many different vintage receivers from the well known classics to more obscure off brand models. We try to find as much useful information on each receiver as we can including performance data, specs and sale values. Enjoy the site!

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  1. Have you seen the Sony STR V series? I have a Sony STR v6, which I think is quite an underrated receiver. It has great looks and puts out plenty of power.


  2. I have a Pioneer SX 1000TW. I bought it while I was in Vietnam and I still have it. It is in very good condition. I still use and I was going to give it away but I found this site and it looks like it is worth a little bit. How do I get it listed on this site?

    1. We don’t actually have listings on this site. Yet. Most of the listings you see are from eBay or other venues in order to show the value of the receivers. I would suggest Craiglist for local sales, eBay for online sales, or even AudioKarma.org. The guys at AudioKarma are very knowledgeable and they do have a small classified section but you would still probably have to pack and ship the unit. Judging from recent eBay sales it worth about $100-$200 depending upon its condition and if it has the optional wood case. Recent sales are HERE.

  3. I have an original Marantz 2270 It stopped working. Any suggestions as to who works on these old receivers? I live in the Denver area. I certainly would ship it if I could find a repair shop. Thank you

  4. I was looking for info on a 1959 Marantz I once had late 70s to early 80s. I found nothing with a search. Don’t remember the model number.

  5. Love the website, it’s so informative (especially for a beginner like me) – I am trying to see which models of receivers I should be looking for in the $100-150 mark. Any recommendations?

    1. It depends upon the sound you like but there are a number of good receivers in that price range. You could probably get a Pioneer SX-650, Sansui G-2000, Yamaha CR-620, Technics SA-600, maybe even a smaller Marantz like a 2215 or 2220 for that price. Lots of choices.

  6. I want to know where can I buy a kenwood stereo system like the ones in the Army post exchange. I had one in Germany in 1980. But don’t have it any more.
    Please contact me and let me know how I can purchase a good system.

    Thanks Kindly,

    Dennis H. Johnson

  7. I love this site. It kickstarted my love for classic receivers again. Since I started reading this site I have picked up a Technics SA-700 and a Realistic STA-78.
    Love them, beautiful pieces of equipment built in a different time with a different philosophy.

  8. I like the older stuff as well. Right now I am using one that is older than those mentioned. I have a Fisher 400 tube receiver.
    The only place to get a Kenwood, I owned the intefrated amp the KA7100 which lasted 24 years of moving to a number of different homes, every half year in college I’ sure you remember those days. Is to get one on ebay that swears up and down that it works and then send it to a repair guy immediately to replace the capacitors etc.. In other words don’t bother, I bought 3 KA7100ss they were all useless. If you are real lucky somebody near you will be selling one on Craigs list.

  9. I really appreciate that your descriptions are not just boilerplate language copied from old manufacturer advertising copy. You do a great job of describing the real-world audio performance as well as potential reliability and servicing concerns. Do you know much about the 1980s-vintage Luxman receivers such as the R-104, R-105 et al.? Although some of the Alpine-era Luxman products aren’t highly regarded, I recently acquired an R-104 and was delighted with the audio sound quality, including phono preamp performance. Their “computer analyzed” FM tuner actually works well except it seems like memory presets seem to get erased when the receiver is turned off.

  10. I just purchased a Kenwood KA-127 receiver to power my Polk R50’s. I must say that I am very impressed with the quality of the sound and power produced by the Kenwood. Even though my Polks are not top of the line, they perform well and are produce a nice clean sound in my small living room. Question: Does anyone have a manual for the KA 127 that they can sell me? I don’t know much about the receiver a would like to know if it’s stable down to 4ohm loads and what the power output would be at 4ohms. Thanks in advance!

  11. I have a Sansui AU-9700 and a Sansui AU-919. if you’re interested I would like to send you guys pics and as much information as I can get ahold of to add to the archive. The 9700 is in mint condition and very photogenic. The 919 needs some love but is still an awesome, fully functional unit.

  12. I just acquired a The Fisher 800-t from my wife’s grandmother. Any idea who might be able to test and or refurb this unit in North Florida?


  13. Hi. I have a Concept 16.5 that I bought as a teenager at Pacific Stereo.

    I may want to pass it on to an enthusiast.

    Trevor Davis
    (presently at Orange County CA)

  14. Classic Sony 7065 A receiver Silver face Walnut cabinet.Mint Condition.
    Can you tell me what i can expect $ wise for this unit?

  15. Good day to you. Just found this place.. really cool stuff. Wondering where I can get help for an injured Pioneer sx3900. Our movers dropped it. Was flawless til then. I am in North Carolina. Any suggestions? Thank you, cj

  16. Hello,
    Nice website. I found it by coincidence when searching for info of a Marantz 2230. I love receivers of the 70’s very much. I own several receivers of the brand Superscope. You can look on my website if you like: Superscopeaudio.nl .
    Greetings, Lowie.

  17. Opinions please….

    Kenwood super 11 vs KR 7600 (or a similar model)
    I don’t necessarily need the 100 plus watts, but which is a better “quality” receiver, and I don’t want to spend 1K plus for one of the “monsters” out there.

  18. You have incorrect information on the Marantz 2325.
    There never was a black Euro plate of that receiver made for Europe. And, the pic you have is a reproduction plate, with LED light conversion. Feel free to reach out, if you care to discuss it, and my supporting evidence. Thank you,
    Charles Hart
    AKA: Allhartfidelity

    1. I do see a number of repro black faceplates on eBay so you could be right. I’ll adjust the article to reflect that idea. Thanks!

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