ClassicReceivers.com was built for the vintage audio enthusiast.  It contains posts on many different vintage receivers from the well known classics to more obscure off brand models. We try to find as much useful information on each receiver as we can including performance data, specs and sale values. Enjoy the site!

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  1. Have you seen the Sony STR V series? I have a Sony STR v6, which I think is quite an underrated receiver. It has great looks and puts out plenty of power.


  2. I have a Pioneer SX 1000TW. I bought it while I was in Vietnam and I still have it. It is in very good condition. I still use and I was going to give it away but I found this site and it looks like it is worth a little bit. How do I get it listed on this site?

  3. We don’t actually have listings on this site. Yet. Most of the listings you see are from eBay or other venues in order to show the value of the receivers. I would suggest Craiglist for local sales, eBay for online sales, or even AudioKarma.org. The guys at AudioKarma are very knowledgeable and they do have a small classified section but you would still probably have to pack and ship the unit. Judging from recent eBay sales it worth about $100-$200 depending upon its condition and if it has the optional wood case. Recent sales are HERE.

  4. I have an original Marantz 2270 It stopped working. Any suggestions as to who works on these old receivers? I live in the Denver area. I certainly would ship it if I could find a repair shop. Thank you

  5. I was looking for info on a 1959 Marantz I once had late 70s to early 80s. I found nothing with a search. Don’t remember the model number.

  6. Love the website, it’s so informative (especially for a beginner like me) – I am trying to see which models of receivers I should be looking for in the $100-150 mark. Any recommendations?

  7. It depends upon the sound you like but there are a number of good receivers in that price range. You could probably get a Pioneer SX-650, Sansui G-2000, Yamaha CR-620, Technics SA-600, maybe even a smaller Marantz like a 2215 or 2220 for that price. Lots of choices.

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