Pioneer SX-550


Pioneer SX-550


The Pioneer SX-550 is one of the smaller receivers that Pioneer produced. It is the successor to the SX-535 and produces a whopping 20 watts per channel. It was introduced in 1977 and was discontinued in 1977. It has the standard styling of the late 70's Pioneer SX line with the silver face and faceted knobs.  It had wood side panels but the top panel was made of metal.  Early on it had a list price of nearly $250.00 but dropped to around $200.00  in 1977. This made the SX-550 a very affordable unit for someone on an audio budget.


Pioneer SX-550


Of course the lower retail price came at the expense of local production as Pioneer outsourced its manufacture to the Republic of Korea. It weighs roughly 21 pounds and measures 18 x 15.5 x 12 inches.

The Pioneer SX-550 also features:


  • Weighted Analog Flywheel Tuning
  • Tuning Precision Meter
  • FM Stereo Signal Indicator Light
  • 3 Gang Tuning Section
  • Controls For Bass, Treble, and Balance
  • Loudness Switch
  • Stereo/Mono Switch
  • Inputs For Aux, Tape Deck, and Phono
  • Headphone Jack on Front Panel
  • Drives A, B, or A + B Speakers

Pioneer SX-550 Back


While Pioneer collectors obviously favor the bigger receivers these smaller units are great for small rooms or the garage and, despite the outsourcing, were still built with quality components.  This unit is in great shape and functions perfectly. It sold for $140.00 on 3-12-2012.  Generally the SX-550 will sell in the $50.00 to $70.00 range.


Pioneer vintage SX 550 Stereo Receiver Clean And Working
Pioneer vintage SX 550 Stereo Receiver Clean And Working $199.00
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PIONEER SX 550 $120.00
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One thought on “Pioneer SX-550

  1. I bought one of these to use while my Marantz 2215B was being restored , it is a great sounding little amp and appears very well built . I was surprised to find that even at this lower level in the product range it has a detachable power cord . It also has the pressure fit speaker connectors rather than the cheap screw terminals you often see in cheaper vintage units . I was so impressed i went out and bought 2 more Pioneer receivers , a 590 ( black face version of the 580 ) and a 737 . Quite curiously the 590 also has a detachable mains cord facility but the more expensive 737 doesn’t . They are all great units and will get progressively refurbished . Now I have one for each bedroom -:)

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