Marantz 2270

Marantz 2270

This is the classic Marantz 2270 receiver in a beautiful wood case.  Anyone familiar with vintage audio knows that Marantz built some of the best receivers of the time. And, actually, when restored, probably still stand up against the best out on the market today in terms of sound quality. The blue dial light is an easily recognized feature of most of the Marantz receivers. Sometimes the light will look a little green and that is because they used a type of vellum paper between the bulbs and the dial face. Over time the vellum gets old and brittle and can break apart or turn yellow causing the nice blue light to turn green. Marantz is also known for its horizontal wheel tuner as opposed to the more common tuning knob.

The Marantz 2270 is rated at 70 watts per channel in to 8 ohms. It measures roughly 17 x 14 x 5 inches and weighs about 40 pounds. It was manufactured from 1971 to 1976 and retailed at just under $550.00 and the WC-22 wood case was optional.

Marantz 2270 Back

A Marantz 2270 in excellent condition with a wood case recently sold for $700.00 – 7-14-2011.  Another that had been refurbished but did not have a wood case sold for $735.00. A Fully restored 2270 that had had all the capacitors replaced and included a wood case sold for $900.00 on 7-12-2011. Most 2270’s in average condition or with a few flaws sell for somewhere between $200 and $400.

UPDATE: Ok, prices have gone up quit a bit for this receiver since I wrote this post. $700-$1000 is what a good unit will sell for. But, there have been recent sales of $1300, $1500, and $1950. A black face version sold for $2200.

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17 thoughts on “Marantz 2270

  1. The 22 series marantz receivers last two digits are rms wattage. I believe 2470 was a JBL model, and The 4230 is a quad receiver or 4 channel.

  2. I got pro ject carbon turntable and am about to purchase one of these to use with it. What additional pieces am I going to need to be set with a complete system? I was going to get an integrated vintage Marantz amp to make it easier on myself but I want want one of the 2270 volume and quality so I’m going with this. Am I going to have to find an amp? A pre amp? Anything else?

    1. The 2270 has a built in phono amp so you should be good. You can use a preamp if you want but you don’t need one. Not familiar with the pro-ject turntable but as long as it has RCA outputs you should be good.

    2. Hi
      I currently have a Project X1 turntable running on my Marantz 2240, 2250, and soon a 2270.
      It sounds and works beautifully on the 2240 with no additional preamps or equalizers. I’m running the sound through a pair of vintage Celestion 5 speakers and the sound is simply phenomenal!!
      The phono, radio, and a bluetooth adapter for my IPhone song downloads, all sound absolutely amazing through this great combination of vintage and new equipment! Couldn’t be happier. I even bought a pair of vintage Celestion 3’s for a smaller room. Just be careful when you buy older speakers for cracks or tears in the paper or foam. Enjoy!

    3. i have had my 2270 since 1981 it is hands down the best stereo i have ever had.
      as far as adding an extra amp…really no need. sound quality is excellent with just the built in ampo and it gets far more than loud enough….trust me. i had a neighbor that lived about a mile away and he could hear my stereo when it was cranked up back in the day. also had a party once and someone turned it almost to max and it blew out the sliding glass door!

    1. You can find used cases on eBay. There are also guys that make them new and sell on eBay as well. The 2270 uses the WC-22 case I believe. You can find a list of the current cases for sale on eBay HERE.

  3. The article states that production of the 2270 lasted until 1975. I have personally seen at least three units that had late 1976 production dates stamped on their inside frames.

  4. Marantz was acquired by superscope in the early mid 1970s. The units superscope manufactured were a little shoddy. I owned a 2270 build by Saul marantz and one by superscope. Great receiver

  5. Just received a Marantz 2270 as a gift from my son. 50 years after I could not afford one while in college. It was worth the wait. The difference over my previous receiver left me speechless. Receiver as refurbished came with original manual and spec book.

  6. Prices for used vintage stereo equipment have gotten way out of hand. People are paying way more than what the stuff is worth.

    1. I think its great that prices are going up, it just means that people want these beautiful receivers that are not made anymore . just like an old electric guitar or a painting . things go up in price. I should of bought 10 of them 10 years ago

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