Sherwood S-7200

Sherwood S-7200


One company that flies a little under the radar yet is still pretty popular with a subset of collectors and enthusiasts is Sherwood. Sherwood was formed in 1953 in Chicago by the engineer Ed Miller and partner John Snow. Miller had designed an amplifier and wanted to design and build equipment under the Sherwood name. This particular stereo is the Sherwood S-7200.


Sherwood S-7200 Meter


The S-7200 was not their top of the line receiver, more middle of the pack, but still performed very well. It was made from 1973 up until about 1976 and retailed at about $360.00 when introduced. Sherwood even took pride in the fact that they were smaller than the other dominant companies in the audio field. Basically they felt that other manufacturers marketed to the mass consumer market while their equipment was targeted toward the more discriminating connoisseur. So, of course, they would sell far fewer receivers than say Pioneer or Sansui.


Sherwood S-7200 Knobs


And, they did seller fewer receivers than the big boys. In fact, most of their production runs were only 500 to around 1500 units at a time. Still, they were considered higher end and were sold in the same audio stores that sold Marantz and McIntosh. Those days, of course, were the heyday of audio manufacturing so there was quite a bit of competition. While the S-7200 was designed by US engineers it was actually made in Japan.


Sherwood S-7200 Ad


The Sherwood S-7200 is listed at 40 watts per channel in the advertisement above but I've also seen it listed at 32 watts per channel. It's all solid state but many say it has a nice and warm, yet clean, sound to it.


Sherwood S-7200 Inside


One of the weaknesses of this receiver is the power switch which is attached to the volume pot. It fails frequently and there is no easily available replacement. So, if yours works treat it gently. These receivers also don't have the usual screws on the side of the cabinet that are used to get the cabinet off. The screws are actually in the feet which, when removed, allow you to remove the cabinet and get inside.


Sherwood S-7200 Inputs


Sherwood made some good receivers. Since they aren't as popular as the big names you can find them pretty at pretty inexpensive prices. A really nice S-7200 recently sold for $160. Not bad given its specs and reputation. Just remember that the power switch is temperamental so check it out before buying one of these units. Other than that the S-7200 is a great little receiver.

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Sherwood S-7100 and S-7100A


Sherwood S-7100 Front


This is one of Sherwood’s upper end models the Sherwood S-7100. The Sherwood company was founded in 1953 by Ed Miller and John snow. Their primary products were amplifiers, tuners and receivers though they also had a speaker line. In 1961 Sherwood participated in the world’s first stereo radio broadcast which utilized Sherwood equipment. The S-7100 is one of Sherwood’s later solid state models though it is said to have a warm tube like sound to it.


Sherwood S-7100 Left


The S-7100 puts out roughly 18 watts per channel though I have seen other specs show anywhere from 14 to 22 watts per channel. Sherwood was known for their exceptional FM tuners and the S-7100 is no exception.


Sherwood S-7100 Right


The Sherwood company produced the first completely solid state receiver in 1967 so they were at the forefront of the new technology of the time.  While most of their line was originally manufactured in the U.S. they moved production to Korea in 1978.


Sherwood S-7100 Back


The build quality of the early Sherwood receivers was exceptional and their performance matched that of the more well known brands of the time.


Sherwood S-7100 Inside


The S-7100 utilizes a plastic switch inside the power / volume knob that can decay quickly if solvent is used to clean it. So, if you do intend to clean the switch be sure to use a cleaner that does not have solvents in it.


Sherwood S-7100 Inside


Sherwood also sold the S-7100A which was slightly different than the S-7100 though you wouldn’t really notice it from the outside of the unit. As you can see the S-7100A below is essentially exactly the same on the front as the S-7100 with the exception of the knobs. The knobs on the S-7100 have a black cover around most of the knobs with the exception of the Tuning and Loudness (power/volume) knobs.  The S-7100 knobs are all silver with the exception of the Tuning and Loudness knobs. So, they basically reversed the knob design from the S-7100 to the S-7100A.


Sherwood S-7100A Front


The S-7100A has a few more watts per channel at around 25 and the interior circuitry as well as the back panel differ from the S-7100. Both units have very nice walnut veneer wood cases which is unusual for non top of the line receivers.


Sherwood S-7100A Back


While the Sherwood receivers were well built and performed as well as the other major brands they do not have the notoriety the others do. Because of this, prices are not as high as say a similar Pioneer or Marantz receiver. Of course, this also means that you can usually find a very good deal on these receivers. In fact, a nice, fully functional S-7100 or S-7100A can be had for just over $100.00. If you’re not too fussy about cosmetic condition you can get one for around $60.00.

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