Bang Olufsen Beomaster 8000

Bang Olufsen Beomaster 8000


Most vintage audio enthusiasts will recognize this receiver as a product of Bang & Olufsen. Bang & Olufsen audio components have a very distinct modern look. This is the Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 8000 and, at the time of its production, was the largest most powerful receiver they had ever produced. Its power output is 150 watts per channel which is coupled with a more modern digital frequency synthesized tuner and automatic fine tuning system. The user can also control associated audio components with the Beomaster 8000 such as a phono or tape deck manually or via remote. It also has 9 user-programmable FM stations.


Bang Olufsen Beomaster 8000


The Beomaster 8000 was available in the US from about 1980 up until 1985. It was dramatically different from most receivers produced in the US or Japan at the time. Bang & Olufsen changed from a mechanical to a 60 step electronic attenuator for volume control on this model. They also utilized integrated circuits in the design which allowed for more precise sound reproduction as well as remote operation of components. This was important because the 8000 can be operated via remote control.


Bang Olufsen Beomaster 8000 Side


The 8000 utilized a dual mono amplification setup whereby each channel had its own amp section including wiring and power supply. A large toroidal main transformer was common to both channels but it had separate secondary windings for each channel. The two large wheels on the control panel could be used to manually adjust volume and tuning. One interesting aspect of the 8000 is that, although it was state of the art at the time and utilized integrated circuits and digital tuning, the tuning meter is an analog device.


Bang Olufsen Beomaster 8000 Panel


The Beomaster 8000 weighs roughly 46 pounds and measures 67 x 15 x 37cm.


Bang Olufsen Beomaster 8000 Back


The Bang and Olufsen Beomaster 8000 introduced a number of state of the art features to the audio world when it was introduced. Many competitors had to scramble to come up with similar innovations in order to keep up. While it was not extremely popular in the US it was so in Europe. Today they are very desirable both as audio components and as modernist collectibles.


Bang Olufsen Beomaster 8000 Remote


They are fairly rare in the US and usually sell for a decent price. In good working condition they sell for around $450 to $800. Many times the digital display will not be functioning properly so be sure to test it before you buy.

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