Yamaha CR-1020

The Yamaha CR-1020 was the younger brother of the Yamaha CR-3020 and CR-2020. It incorporated the trademark Yamaha styling with rectangular switches and white meter and dial faces.

The CR-1020 pu out 80 watts per channel and had a rated total harmonic distortion of 0.1%. It incorporated controls for Bass, Presence, Treble, Loudness, Volume and Balance. The rea panel included:

  • AC Outlet Switched + Unswitched (2)
  • Antenna Inputs: 300 ohm balanced, 75 ohm unbalanced, coaxial.
  • AM Ferrite Bar Antenna
  • Phono 1 + 2
  • Aux
  • Tape 1 + 2 Playback + Record
  • Dolby FM Adapter Input  + output
  • Pre-Out
  • Main-In
  • Coupler: On/Off
  • Speaker Out A, Out B, Out C

The CR-1020 sells for about $250-$450.

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3 thoughts on “Yamaha CR-1020

  1. The CR-1020 that I have does not have any 110V accessory plugs on the rear panel. I see that they are mentioned in the above article. The CR-1020 I have is unmolested and still works great. Without the accessory plugs on the rear panel…..does that mean that I have possibly one of the earlier models of the 1020?

    Thanks in advance for any information.


    1. US, Japanese models with 110/120 AC 60 have the switched AC outlets for turntables etc.
      Australian, NZ etc models are 220/230 models.
      I had a CR-1020 that fed a set of B&W DM2 Series II. Couldn’t fault it. It’s got plenty of grunt. Liked it a lot.

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