Sansui G-6000

Sansui G-6000

Introduced in 1978 by Sansui this is the Sansui G-6000. The G-6000 is a very well built receiver and has a very good phono section as well as tuner. It also had the following features:

  • 65 Watts Per Channel into 8 ohms
  • All Discrete DC Amp Design
  • Two Phono Inputs and two Tape Monitors
  • 4 Channel Adaptor
  • Mic Input with level
  • Dolby FM/de-emphasis Switch
  • Tone Defeat Switch
  • Subsonic and Hi Filters
  • FM Muting and FM Stereo Switch
  • Aux Input
  • Seperate left and right Power Ouput Meters
  • Tuning Signal Meter
  • Strength Meter
Sansui G-6000 Inside

A Sansui G-6000 in not mint but very good cosmetic condition sold for $413.00 on 5-19-2011. It had been cleaned inside and out and re-calibrated as well. As of 2019 the G-6000 sells for about $500 to $700.

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5 thoughts on “Sansui G-6000

  1. Can the 4-channel adaptor “out’ jacks on a G-6000 also be used as a pre-out source to a separate amplifier so the G-6000 be used as a control unit for a power amp?

  2. Whats wrong with a sansui g 6000 when you turn it up the sound cut off and you have 2 turn off power switch turn back on for it 2 play again

  3. I am a junk hauler, and recently was “paid” to remove a G-6000
    from a customers residence that is pretty much in mint condition.
    Was a little surprised upon learning its only 65 Watts per channel,
    as big, heavy, and bulbis as the connected amplifier to it is.
    Thing is a tank. A beast. But I love it! P.S. Willing to sell it for
    $300.00 cash plus shipping

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