Sansui G-22000 Values

I was checking values on a Sansui G-22000 and thought I would share some of the recent sales of that particular receiver. The monster 100 pound G-22000 is, of course, one of the more popular Sansui receivers and unique along with the very rare G-33000 in that it is really separates hooked together rather than an integrated receiver. Here are the latest sales:

Sansui G-22000 Values

The $600 sale is for the preamp section only without the amp section so that explains the low price. The $1200 sale was essentially for a parts or repair unit that would blow a fuse after 30 minutes of play. The three $2000+ sales are for receivers that are in good working condition. None of them are mint and each have some cosmetic issues. I would guess a mint, restored G-22000 would sell somewhere in the high $2000 range and with an original box and manual could perhaps reach $3000.

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5 thoughts on “Sansui G-22000 Values

  1. I own a G22000 and, WOW, does its sound quality blow away any of the plastic junk being made today. I paid $800 for it in 1979 – half of its $1,600 retail – when I was a teenage stereo salesman. It is hard to believe that it is worth triple that now. My only regret is not buying the G-33000, if only because of its prestige (there is no difference in sound quality.) The G-33000 would have cost me $1,200, half of its $2,400 retail. My G-22000 did need replacement parts, mainly because I let dust accumulate. However, I convinced an expert to repair it for $200, for which he expended about 20 hours labor and nearly $100 in parts. He said that he never saw so many metal parts in a receiver, nor did he ever enjoy himself so much doing a repair.

  2. I have a sansui g22000 love it I’ve had this beautiful girl for 20 some year this is the best system I ever owned ruined lots of speakers I will say I want to have it restored and serviced​

      1. Yes I have a Sansui G 22000 that I would like to sell you can contact me at 346-244-7121 name is James

        Please leave a message and a text so that I know that who it is thank you very much

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