Pioneer SX-5590

Pioneer SX-5590

This Pioneer SX-5590 is the European version of Pioneer’s SX-1250.  It would definitely be considered a “Monster” receiver as it produces a whopping 160 watts per channel. It incorporates a huge toroidal power transformer. It has the usual dark faceplate as is common with most European versions.  Given that many feel the SX-1250 was the best receiver Pioneer ever produced it stands to reason that the SX-5590 is in a similar position. It features:

  • Tone on/off
  • 30hz and 8khz filters
  • Tape duplicate switch
  • FM muting on/off
  • FM multipath
  • Adaptor on/off
  • Mic left/right inputs
  • 2 tape in/outputs
  • 1 aux input
  • 2 phono inputs
  • Phono 2 switch for both mic and phono 2
  • Stereo and mono modes
  • Tuning and signal meters
  • Dimensions 21 7/8 x 7 3/8 x 18 3/4
  • Weight 64 lbs
Pioneer SX-5590

The SX-1250 is an extremely popular receiver and has a huge following among collectors. It’s European version , the SX-5590, is probably even harder to find but at the same time is less well known.  Still, the SX-5590 can sell for a good sum of money in good working condition – usually around $700-$800.

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5 thoughts on “Pioneer SX-5590

  1. I have an SX 5590. 4 HPM 100s hooked up to it. Nothing out class it, and I have had some expensive amps! have a lot of vintage stereo equipment. Took my marantz turntable to have a belt installed and the tech told me to take the cover home, he didn’t want to brake it

  2. Dear Sir:

    I noticed on the back of the SX-5590 that it had 1200 watts of power! WOW, that’s more than any I’ve seen. How come so much power with only 160wpc? Is this the only difference between the SX-1250? Also, noted there was a hookup for 4 CH, could that be the reason, this receiver does 4 channel as well as the normal 2 for this receiver.


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