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Kenwood receivers have a distinct look about them with their mix of blue, red and amber lights. Such is the case with the Kenwood KR-7600. Add the silver face plate and black dial face and you have the very recognizable look of the 1970’s Kenwood receivers. While the KR-7600 was not their top of the line receiver, that would have been the KR-9600, it was at the higher end of the performance spectrum. It retailed for around $270.00.


The KR-7600 was introduced in 1976 and was rated at 80 watts per channel. Its build quality is very good as it was produced just before Kenwood started cutting some production corners in the late 70’s. At first glance the 7600 looks like it has large heat sinks on the side of the unit but these are, in fact, just for decoration. One of the unique features of the KR-7600 is the mic input. You can hook up a mic and sing along with the music that is playing. The Sound Inject knob allows you to control the volume of the mic relative to the music.


If you are in an area with decent reception the KR-7600’s tuner is excellent as were many of the Kenwood tuner sections. While the KR-9600 is one of the holy grails for Kenwood collectors many who use their receiver every day prefer the KR-7600 because the output transistors can still be found while those in the KR-9600 are virtually impossible to find. If they go out in the KR-9600 then you suddenly have a large doorstop instead of a receiver.


Many times the lamps in the KR-7600 are out. It uses the following bulbs:

Indicator  –  8v   50ma
Dial  –  8v   300ma
Meter  –  8v   300ma


In Kenwood’s ad for the KR-7600 they said: “Brilliant trebles, deep, rich bass, vibrant mid-range emblazoned with new clarity and presence. All the bold dynamics and quiet subtleties that make a live performance so exciting”. Sounds impressive!

Kenwood KR-7600
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Here’s a video review of the Kenwood KR-7600:

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  1. I have a black version of this receiver with rack mount brackets I’ve never seen another one like it heard the black was only marked for military exchange sales.

  2. I have one of those but without the rack handles – not really black, but more of gunmetal gray. It is the KR-7060. My best guess is that it was sold overseas at US military PXes. Georgeous, excellent receiver.

    I use a KR-7600 as my daily driver – love it.

  3. You say the output transistors for the KR 9600 are no longer available, do you know if that is true of the KR 9400 as well. I am looking to purchase a 9400, but will pass if it is in the same situation.



  4. I had this Kenwood KR-7600 till it died in 2000 for good. The first time it died had to replaced the amps. Cost $100.00 back around 1995. Nice unit tho, it pushed the a pair of Sansui Sp 9100 and Sharp CP 9600 P (BK) in a series set up for 5 years. One Day I turned it on and fire blew out the back. So I put the speakers in my van with just a 200 watts boss amp. Pounded like 1000 watts.

  5. Kenwood kr 7600 for sale. In working condition no popping between selections on bass trebble balance of selector switch all lights light radio am fm work phone works also have cadence Sl6s drivers set up on all 4 channels. The unit was purchased in 1978 and is one year older then myself.
    The unit does NOT have a wooden case it has ware but is not beat up. The +6 -6 rockers are key when your listening to music all the push buttons work I use it as an input commonly from a mobile device plugged into RCA Jack’s and have done this since 2004. The unit is large and heavy buyers are responsible to ship.
    The lowest price I am accepting is $400.00 8689584 at Gmail. Pickup is a must so you can check it out I live in 07016.

    1. Yeah, the ad does state that it’s 80 watts per channel. The service manual however shows 70 watts per channel at 8 ohms, so who knows. Maybe someone will bench test one and determine the true output. Thanks for the input.

    1. I have a Marantz that I run a sub on. I just run it on the B speaker outputs. My subwoofer has a speaker level input (high level input) option. A low level input probably won’t work and might damage the sub. Also, impedance could be an issue but most subs are high impedance so that really shouldn’t be a problem either. Of course, you would normally run a sub to take over the low frequency responsibilities from your receiver and other speakers but that won’t really happen in this scenario. The sub will basically just be enhancing the bass. I run a sub on my Marantz for certain types of music. I use speakers A for most music and speakers A+B for when I want more bass.

    1. I guess it would depend upon the total impedance of your speakers. Since they would be in parallel you could use an impedance calculator to see if total impedance would be appropriate for your receiver. There is one HERE.

    2. No. A B and C speaker selections cannot be used at the same time. A and B can be used at the same time though.

  6. Original Kenwood KR-7600 Receiver Brochure, 6 pages, states in bold print at top of specs, 80 watts per channel at 8 ohms.

  7. I find the “Acoustic Controls” switches a very nice feature that unfortunatly I have not seen on any of other vintage receivers. You can leave flat or add 3db or 6 db in the 50Hz and 800Hz range. A nice way to give a bit of a bass boost or take the shrill out of a female vocalist.
    Over all a very nice unit I am very pleased with.

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