Sansui G-22000


This is the giant Sansui G-22000. It listed at over $1400.00 and was only surpassed by it's big brother the Sansui G-33000. The G-22000 was made from 1978 to 1980 and put out a whopping 240 watts per channel.  Sansui engineers also utilized what they called the Diamond Differential DC circuit design. This allowed the audio signal to through the DC amplifier directly to the output without passing through a capacitor.  Therefore, capacitors had no distorting effect on the audio signal.

The G-22000 also had a unique two piece design in which the power amp and the preamp are contained in separate units. This made it easier to move the preamp without having to move the heavier power amp and also helped reduce any interference the power amp might have on the preamp circuit. Together the unit weighs in at a massive 95 pounds!



The Sansui G-22000 also features:

  • Linear Tracking FM Front end
  • Five IC's for IF
  • A Group Delay Equalizer
  • A Power Radio Detector
  • An Adjacent Channel Filter
  • Automatic Noise Filters
  • Selectable Wide/Narrow IF Bandwidth for AM Channels
  • Direct Readout Signal and Tuning Meters
  • Stereo AM
  • Selectable Phono Impedence
  • Tone controls for Bass, Mid, and Treble
  • Total Harmonic Distortion of 0.009%


Each stereo channel in the G-22000 have their own power supply utilizing two toroidal transformers and four capacitors.

A Sansui G-22000 in really good functioning condition can sell for over $2000 today.


SANSUI G 22000 RECEIVER $4,950.00
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Vintage Sansui G 22000 Stereo Tuner Pre Amp
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Sansui Restoration Vintage AU 717 G 8700 G 22000 9090DB
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