Pioneer SX-5590


Pioneer SX-5590


This Pioneer SX-5590 is the European version of Pioneer's SX-1250.  It would definitely be considered a "Monster" receiver as it produces a whopping 160 watts per channel. It incorporates a huge toroidal power transformer. It has the usual dark faceplate as is common with most European versions.  Given that many feel the SX-1250 was the best receiver Pioneer ever produced it stands to reason that the SX-5590 is in a similar position. It features:

  • Tone on/off
  • 30hz and 8khz filters
  • Tape duplicate switch
  • FM muting on/off
  • FM multipath
  • Adaptor on/off
  • Mic left/right inputs
  • 2 tape in/outputs
  • 1 aux input
  • 2 phono inputs
  • Phono 2 switch for both mic and phono 2
  • Stereo and mono modes
  • Tuning and signal meters
  • Dimensions 21 7/8 x 7 3/8 x 18 3/4
  • Weight 64 lbs


Pioneer SX-5590


The SX-1250 is an extremely popular receiver and has a huge following among collectors. It's European version , the SX-5590, is probably even harder to find but at the same time is less well known.  Still, the SX-5590 can sell for a good sum of money in good working condition - usually around $700-$800.

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