Pioneer SX-424


Pioneer SX-424


People tend to focus on the big, powerful receivers when looking at vintage stereos, but, there are some little guys out there that are very appealing as well. Not everyone has the space or desire for a 50+ pound monster in their house. Some just want a well performing, small, affordable stereo. Well, the Pioneer SX-424 is just that. Pioneer introduced it in the early 1970's - probably sometime around late 1971. It retailed at that time for about $200 which was very affordable. By 1974 the price had dropped to about $130.


Pioneer SX-424 Left Knobs


The SX-424 does not pump out a boatload of power. But, the 12 watts it does put out are solid and will drive most speakers. It has a pretty decent tuner as well as phono section.


Pioneer SX-424 Right Knobs


The SX-424's close relative the SX-434 (1974) was only slightly different in that it had a Balance control knob, silver capped push buttons, slightly different knob design, FM muting and screw down speaker inputs. Actually, the next receiver up the Pioneer line from the Sx-424 was the SX-525. The SX-434 came out later. The SX-4x4 models were essentially the bottom of the performance line for Pioneer. Still, these little receivers did a good job and fulfilled their purpose admirably. In fact, calling them bottom of the line is overly harsh. Pioneer made stereos that were marketed under both the Centrex and Craig names. Those receivers were definitely inferior to the entry level Pioneer models.


Pioneer SX-424 Dial


One of the bigger drawbacks of the SX424 is that the speaker plugs are non-standard. As you can see below the speaker inputs look like a wall plug. The one on the left has an 'adapter' that plugs into the inputs and has the more common screw down speaker wire holders. The one on the right is the 'stock' input without the adapter.


Pioneer SX-424 Speaker Plugs


These plugs pop up on eBay occasionally but aren't that cheap. They usually sell for around $20-$40 a pair.


Ac Adapter fr Pioneer A1 XW SMA XWSMA1K XW SMA1 K Airplay Wireless Sound Speaker
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Pioneer SX-424 Signal Meter


Parts are also easy to come by so if you need a repair it can be done relatively inexpensively. Knobs are also available fairly often for reasonable prices...

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Pioneer SX-424 Inside


The inside of the SX-424 is nice and simple. The styling of the SX-424 is also notable in that it has that iconic Pioneer silver face, blue tuning dial and wood case. All blend together to create that vintage look that so many collectors / enthusiast want.


Pioneer SX-424 Back


If you're looking for a smaller low power stereo for a room or office the Pioneer SX-424 is definitely one to consider. Just be sure to pick up some speaker plugs if the unit doesn't have them. The SX-424 sells for $40 to $120 depending upon condition. So, you don't have to break the bank to get a nice little workhorse of a stereo.


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5 thoughts on “Pioneer SX-424

  1. Purchased one of these in January 1975. Mostly sold at a store called “Tweeter”. Had mine for about 10 years. Didn’t break, just upgraded. Pioneer was a very underatered model in that day. Not a great look, but durable. I moved mine 7 times around the world.

  2. I own one of these I purchased at a garage sale in the early 1990s. I didn’t realize it only put out 12W, but it will even drive my Magnepan speakers adequately. Its phono input is not a good match for my wood-body Clearaudio cartridge however, that cartridge sounds really tinny hooked up to it. Other cartridges fare much better with that particular phono stage.

  3. Bought one of these new from a place called Stereo Design in Hampton, VA in 1972. It still works great. Used to load it in my car with a turntable and speakers and take it to parties. It has survived that as well as four years of college, grad school and many moves since. Still looks like new. What a fine machine.

  4. There is huge difference between the 424 and 434, sound and quality-wise.
    The SX-x2x series is THE most lavish receiver series ever built by Pioneer, the x3x-series is only second to the best.
    The 424 (like all x2x) has very early transistor topology in the power amp section with very limited NFB with capacitor-coupled output == most tube-like sound. The 434 power amp section features a differential stage for deeper NFB (just like in all modern amps) and is direct-coupled – still sounds good and can deliver more current for inefficient speakers, but sounds more solid-state.

  5. Hey I got a stereo 424 receiver plus a garrstfd turn table 2 Harmon karmon speakers loyd. 8 track and Yamaha head phones for a graduation present in 1974 I added 2 more speakers and Za auaduflex cassette deck Pacific stereo store brand I was set
    And that system was powered by my pioneer 424 receiver I would love to find a 424 in working order
    . Any hints.

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