Pioneer QX-949

Pioneer QX-949


The Pioneer QX-949 is one of Pioneer's larger quadraphonic receivers and was top of the line when it was introduced in 1974. This was mainly due to the fact that it had essentially all the available decoding built in to it. It has a built in CD-4 demodulator as well as regular matrix and SQ matrix. So there was no need for the audio enthusiast to have to buy a separate demodulator or decoder.


Pioneer QX-949 Left


The QX-949 puts out a pretty decent 40 watts per channel into 4 channels and 60 watts into 2 channels. It also has a plethora of inputs and outputs and can handle 4 pair of speakers including two pair in the back and two in the front. It has inputs fro three tape decks, two turntables as well as another auxiliary source.


Pioneer QX-949 Right


The tuner section featured a 4-gang variable capacitor and phase linear ceramic filters that gave it great sensitivity and selectivity. Other features of the tuning section are:


  • FM front end with MOS FET
  • Local oscillator with buffer circuit (QX-949 A)
  • Excellent phase linearity and high selectivity.
  • High performance multiplex integrated circuit.
  • Effective FM muting switch.
  • Linear FM dial scale and tuning meter.
  • Outstanding AM section



Pioneer QX-949 Back


A distinguishing feature of the QX-949 is the 4-channel level indicator. It basically is an illuminated meter that shows adjustments that are made when listening to a 4 channel source. It shows both front speakers and both rear speakers.  Pioneer even added a 4 CH-MPX out terminal in anticipation of 4 channel FM broadcasting occurring in the future.


Pioneer QX-949 Inside


Overall, the Pioneer QX-949 is quite a quad receiver and it is very popular among qad collectors today. In good working condition they can sell from about $200.00 up to $400.00 or more for a mint receiver.


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