Pioneer SX-1980 Values For 2012

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Well, we're half way through 2012 and I thought I'd review the sale prices for some of the high end vintage Pioneer receivers.  I would expect that the poor economy has affected values negatively or perhaps the fact that the world is ending in December of this year might put downward pressure on prices as well.  My guess is that the economy is having the larger affect to this point.


I'll start off with the what most people see as the ultimate vintage Pioneer receiver the SX-1980.  I know that it does have some engineering issues and that some feel that the SX-1250 is a better unit but the SX-1980 is still a "holy grail" monster receiver and should reflect the state of vintage receiver values fairly accurately. The first sale I saw was for a unit that was in full working condition and pretty good cosmetic condition.


Pioneer SX-1980 Sale


The wood case had a few scratches and blemishes and the top of the faceplate had a couple scratches as well. Probably a 7 out of 10 overall. That unit sold for $2000.00 in July of 2012.  I've seen these sell for upwards of $4000.00 in the past, in excellent condition of course, so $2000.00 might show some loss of value over the last few years.


Another SX-1980 was listed as a Buy it Now item for $3200.00 in July 0f 2012. The receiver was in perfect working order, being just recently serviced, and had only a few minor flaws cosmetically.  You could possibly rate this unit as a 9 out of 10.  It did not sell. It had offers but no sale.  So, obviously the $3000.00 range is a little high for these receivers in this market.


Pioneer SX-1980 Sale 2


Another insightful non-sale was another July auction for a unit with a faceplate in excellent condition, nothing missing, fully functional, with just some mild wood case wear. This unit was bid up to $1276.00 but did not sell. The unit had even been recently completely serviced by a Pioneer guru. Obviously there was not enough interest to bid the price up any further. The buy it now price for the auction was nearly $4000.00 which the final bid did not even come close to.


Pioneer SX-1980 Sale 3


Another auction is currently under way for a very nice SX-1980 and it is currently at $1125.00 with a few days left to go.  I'll update this post once it ends. It looks very nice so it should sell for a decent price.


Pioneer SX-1980 Sale 4


Update: Ok, so the Pioneer SX-1980 shown above sold for $2025.00 (8-11-2012).  It basically needed nothing and had been fully serviced. Cosmetically it is very nice.  Just over $2000.00 is pretty cheap relative to prices a few years ago. I guess the moral of the story is that if you want an SX-1980 now is the time to buy one.

Update 2 (Sept. 2012): A Mint condition SX-1980 just sold for $3838.00. Definitely one of the higher recent sale prices for this unit.

Pioneer SX 1980 monster receiver bw paper copy of the mega rare brochure
Pioneer SX 1980 monster receiver bw paper copy of the mega rare brochure $29.99
Time Remaining: 4d 10h 28m
Buy It Now for only: $29.99








Pioneer SX-1980

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This of course is one of the icons of vintage audio.  The Pioneer SX-1980. This receiver is highly sought after today and prices can reach into the thousands for a well maintained unit. Some will argue that the SX-1280 is actually a better functioning receiver but the fact still remains that the monster SX-1980 was the king of the audio mountain in it's day.

The Pioneer SX-1980 was introduced in 1978 and was the most powerful receiver made at the time with a hefty 270 watts per channel and that was a conservative rating!  It isn't called a monster receiver for nothing as it weighs in at 78 pounds. It's suggested retail price in 1978 was $1295.00 - a fairly large sum back in those days.

Total harmonic distortion is rated at 0.03% which is extremely low for a power output that high. It has a massive toroidal transformer that is flanked by huge capacitors. It also has large heatsinks to dissipate the heat generated by the unit.

If you find one of these at a good price - grab it. One in good condition with a few minor issues recently sold for $1599.00. I've seen better condition ones sell for far more than that. Before the downturn in the economy I saw one sell for nearly $4000.00. But, it was in mint condition and functioned perfectly.


5-27-2011 - An SX-1980 sold for $3,250. It had just been serviced and worked perfectly. It was also in very good cosmetic condition and had the original box which always adds some value.

6-5-2011 - SX-1980 sold for $1,760. It was in pretty good cosmetic shape but did have a couple bulbs burned out. Still, a pretty good price for the buyer.


Pioneer SX 1980 output transistors NEC B706A D746A
Pioneer SX 1980 output transistors NEC B706A D746A $250.00
Time Remaining: 29d 21h 48m
Buy It Now for only: $250.00
Pioneer SX980 Output Power Board SX1980 SX1280 2SB 746 2SD 706 LUX 580
Pioneer SX980 Output Power Board SX1980 SX1280 2SB 746 2SD 706 LUX 580 $199.00
Time Remaining: 19d 2h 41m
Buy It Now for only: $199.00
Vintage Pioneer SX 1980 Original Catalog Magazine Brochure
Vintage Pioneer SX 1980 Original Catalog Magazine Brochure $189.99
Time Remaining: 7d 2h 21m
Buy It Now for only: $189.99
Pioneer SX 1980 Face plate PLEASE READ
Pioneer SX 1980 Face plate PLEASE READ $99.00
Time Remaining: 7d 18h 34m
Buy It Now for only: $99.00